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  • Savory Hamantaschen

    Savory Hamantaschen

    Looking for an alternative to poppyseed and jam? These savory hamantaschen are surprisingly delicious.

  • Zucchini Kugel

    Zucchini Kugel

    Looking for something to make that combines squash and classic Jewish cuisine? Try this zucchini kugel tonight!

  • Broccoli Kugel

    Broccoli Kugel

    Kugel is a traditional Eastern European side dish. This broccoli kugel is a perfect vegetable side dish for any Shabbat or holiday meal.

  • Plum Crisp

    Plum Crisp

    Looking for a dessert for your Shabbat dinner that isn't the same old apple crisp? Try this delicious plum crisp.

  • Vegetable Stock

    Vegetable Stock

    A great way to use vegetable peelings to make delicious soup.

  • Chili With Cornbread Baked on Top

    Chili With Cornbread Baked on Top

    The point of bringing a meal to a new family is to be helpful and supportive, so you want to bring everything in a way that's as low maintenance as possible.

  • Curried Vegetable Soup

    Curried Vegetable Soup

    how do you test recipes? Are you ever faithful to the original, or do you feel free to throw other things in willy-nilly, and figure you’ll season and fix as you go?

  • Cranberry Sauce

    Cranberry Sauce

    Sweet and tart, it's delicious on latkes.

  • Apple Sauce

    Apple Sauce

    A sweet topping for your latkes.

  • Cheese Latkes

    Cheese Latkes

    Cheesy and delicious, it's the perfect dairy latke.

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