What It Means to Keep Kosher for Passover

Hametz, kitniyot and the holiday's dietary restrictions.

Passover 2023

In 2023, the first Passover seder is on Wednesday, April 5.

Should You Sell Your Pet Before Passover?

Who knew pets had anything to do with preparation for the holiday?

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Open Door Policy

Only when we open our doors to the hungry will we really be open to redemption.

Introduction to the Jewish Rules of Purity and Impurity

The rabbinic laws tumah and taharah are complex — let us orient you.

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Next Torah Portion


In this reading, Moses instructs the Jewish people about the laws of the Passover offering. It goes on to recount the Jewish people’s exit from ancient Egypt, including God’s slaying of the Egyptian first-borns and the baking of unleavened bread, a result of the haste in which the Israelites departed.

All Passover Readings

Passover Day 1 Readings

Exodus 12:21 - 12:51
Numbers 28:16 - 28:25

Joshua 3:5 - 3:7
Joshua 5:2 - 6:1
Joshua 6:27

The Mark Of Liberation: First Steps

Marking their doorposts with blood, the Israelites took the first step toward redemption, that of naming themselves as oppressed and determined to break free.


The Four Questions

How to say the 'Mah Nishtanah.'

How to Have Someone Buried in Israel

What to do if you or a loved one wants a final resting place in an Israeli cemetery.

Checklist: Setting the Seder Table

Before launching into your seder, make sure you have everything you'll need.


Lace Cookies with Nutella for Passover

These delicate, flourless cookies are so good you will make them all year.

Cacio e Pepe Matzah Brei Recipe

Mash up your morning matzah brei with black pepper and some sharp cheese.

Matzah Ball Casserole Is My Passover Comfort Food

It's like a Jewish version of chicken and dumplings.

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Whiskey, bourbon, beer and more are all forbidden on the holiday. But there’s some good news on vodka.

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How to Make Your Own Passover Haggadah

A DIY Haggadah adds a personal touch to your seder and can make for a more meaningful holiday.