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Daf Yomi

This global project of Jewish learning, now accessible to all.

Daf Yomi is a century-old practice of learning a single page of the Babylonian Talmud on a set schedule every day. At that rate, completion of the cycle takes 7.5 years.

The latest cycle began on Jan. 5, 2020, and to mark the occasion My Jewish Learning launched a groundbreaking effort to make this global project of Jewish learning available to a wide audience. Each day, subscribers to A Daily Dose of Talmud receive an email with an accessible, easy-to-understand insight from that day’s page of Talmud.

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And if you’re joining late, not to worry. All our previous daily emails are archived below by tractate.

Tractate Berakhot

Tractate Shabbat

Tractate Eruvin

Tractate Pesachim

Tractate Shekalim

Tractate Yoma

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