Kabbalat Shabbat

What happens during the Friday night prayer service.

Blessing the Children

This Friday night practice is taken from the priestly blessing.

What Is A Mohel?

This man or woman performs Judaism's oldest religious rite.

Next Torah Portion


In this Torah portion, God continues to describe the different laws of sacrifices. A distinction is made between sin offerings, burnt offerings, and homage offerings, with each following its own process. God then commands the priests to make another offering that ordains themselves in their positions.

Parashat Tzav

Leviticus 6:1 - 8:36

Jeremiah 7:21 - 8:3; 9:22 - 9:23

In Praise of Public “Guilt Offerings”

Because asking for forgiveness is a holy act.

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What you need to know about this ritual welcoming the Sabbath.

A History of Purim

How this festival became a time for merriment and satire.


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Chocolate Chip Cookie Hamantaschen Recipe

A sweet cookie mash-up perfect for Purim.

Hamantaschen with Ganache and Salted Caramel

As you may remember from my post last year about Hamantaschen…I am typically not such a big fan. The ones ...


Sephardic Judaism Quiz

Sephardic Jews have a rich history, and over time they have developed their own traditions, customs, and laws.

Quiz: Which Hamantaschen Are You?

Apricot, poppy seed or prune?

Purim Quiz

How much do you know about this festive holiday?

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