A History of Purim

How this festival became a time for merriment and satire.

Purim 2020

In 2020, Purim begins at sunset on Monday, March 9.

Purim Themes and Theology

At its core, this festive holiday grapples with deep and even troubling themes.

Next Torah Portion


In this Torah portion, Moses receives God’s commandments on stone tablets. God tells Moses to create a dwelling place for God, where the Israelites can bring God gifts. God details what this Mishkan (Tabernacle) will look like and how it should be made. The Tabernacle includes an ark, two cherubs, curtains and a menorah.


Parashat Terumah

Exodus 25:1 - 27:19

I Kings 5:26 - 6:13

In Forgiveness, Making Space for the Divine

To forgive is to hold on to the future more tightly than the past.

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How To Make Your Own Gragger

Instructions for constructing a Purim noisemaker

How to Have Someone Buried in Israel

What to do if you or a loved one wants a final resting place in an Israeli cemetery.

Breaking the Glass at a Jewish Wedding

Why the Jewish wedding ceremony ends with a famous bang.


Guava and Cheese Hamantaschen Recipe

A Latin-inspired treat to celebrate Purim.

Rosewater and Pistachio Hamantaschen

The Persian-inspired flavors of these hamantaschen have a rich yet subtle, fragrant flavor.


Purim Quiz

How much do you know about this festive holiday?

Sephardic Judaism Quiz

Sephardic Jews have a rich history, and over time they have developed their own traditions, customs, and laws.

Who Wrote This Text?

Can you match the canonical Jewish texts with their authors?

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