Why Some Holidays Last Longer Outside Israel

Israelis and liberal Jews observe fewer days for some holidays than traditional Diaspora Jews.

Mimouna: A Delicious Way to Celebrate the End of Passover

Mimouna is not only a feast, but a symbolic and spiritual event that marks the beginning of spring--a time full of hope for wealth and abundance in the coming year.

Passover 2019

In 2019, the first seder falls on Friday, April 19.

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This reading describes the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert following their departure from Egypt. It includes the dramatic pursuit by Pharaoh’s army that culminates with the splitting of the Red Sea, allowing the children of Israel to escape through the waters while the Egyptians are drowned. On the far shore, the Moses leads the Israelites in singing a song of praise to God.

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Passover Day 7 Reading

Exodus 13:17 - 15:26
Numbers 28:19 - 28:25

II Samuel 22:1-51

When Miracles Are Not Enough

The transformation into a sacred people occurs not through miracles but rather through steady education, discipline and communal reinforcement.

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What Is the Western Wall?

The last remaining wall of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

What It Means to Keep Kosher for Passover

Hametz, kitniyot and the holiday's dietary restrictions.

The Jewish Rainbow Connection

What’s the meaning behind the sign in the sky that God gives Noah?


Matzah Pie with Leek and Spinach Recipe

A hearty vegetarian meal to enjoy during Passover.

Haroset Chicken with Thyme Recipe

A simple, sweet recipe that uses leftover haroset.

Matzah Mac & Cheese Recipe

The cheesiest way to enjoy matzah during Passover.


Quiz: Jewish Athletes

Can you name these famous Jewish athletes?

Passover Quiz

There’s more to it than matzah (although that is sort of a big deal). How much do you know about ...

Quiz: Is This Kosher for Passover?

Can you tell which of these foods are kosher for Passover?

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