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  • Greek Halvah

    Greek Halvah

    This pudding recipe is basically a sweetened cream of wheat--in a fancy, firm mold.

  • Indian Carrot-Cardamom Halvah

    Indian Carrot-Cardamom Halvah

    This creamy, pudding-like halvah is incredibly easy to make, and is a great topping for ice cream or Greek yogurt, or an accompaniment to your favorite Baklava or crisp cookie.

  • Lamb Kebabs

    Lamb Kebabs

    Although lamb isn't the most common meat found in Jewish American kitchens, it is still very popular in many Sephardic kitchens, particularly during Passover, and in the springtime.

  • Israeli Salad

    Israeli Salad

    This salad is rustic and gorgeous. Bright, colorful, refreshing and full of flavor.

  • Borekas


    A crunchy Israeli classic.

  • Israeli Halvah

    Israeli Halvah

    The most ancient of desserts.

  • Za'atar


    A popular Israeli herb that can be traced back to the Bible.

  • Chickpea Salad

    Chickpea Salad

    Chickpea salad featuring two of the most popular ingredients in Israeli cuisine.

  • Stuffed Dates

    Stuffed Dates

    Dates can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients, from a simple whole almond, to nuts soaked in orange blossom water and honey. Here's a recipe for goat-cheese stuffed Medjool dates, a perfect summer snack.

  • Tabbouleh


    Tabbouleh is an Israeli summer salad.

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