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  • Haroset from Italy

    Haroset from Italy

    An Italian recipe for the "mortar" of the seder plate.

  • Turkish Haroset

    Turkish Haroset

    Haroset, Turkish style.

  • Sweet and Sour Cabbage

    Sweet and Sour Cabbage

    Cooked cabbage in a sweet and sour sauce with ground caraway. Inexpensive to make and filling. Traditional fare from Eastern Europe.

  • Lamb Kebabs

    Lamb Kebabs

    Although lamb isn't the most common meat found in Jewish American kitchens, it is still very popular in many Sephardic kitchens, particularly during Passover, and in the springtime.

  • Israeli Salad

    Israeli Salad

    This salad is rustic and gorgeous. Bright, colorful, refreshing and full of flavor.

  • Cauliflower Soup

    Cauliflower Soup

    Perfect to eat over Passover or a cold winter night.

  • Parsnip & Carrot Curried Chips

    Parsnip & Carrot Curried Chips

    A tasty sidedish that is 100% kosher for Passover.

  • Quinoa


    An old grain from the New World.

  • Chocolate Espresso Cookies

    Chocolate Espresso Cookies

    An unusual dessert for your seder.

  • Chrein (Horseradish)

    Chrein (Horseradish)

    Enjoying a pungent Russian tradition.

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