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  • Jewish-Style Artichokes

    Jewish-Style Artichokes

    jewish,learning,judaism, artichokes, fried, roman, ghetto

  • Tzimmes


    jewish,learning,judaism, tzimmes, rosh hashanah, carrots, spices

  • Kugel


    Kugel, sweet potato, shabbat, noodle, recipe

  • Grilled Haloumi

    Grilled Haloumi

    A vegetarian alternative for Lag Ba'Omer. By Adeena Sussman

  • Yerushalmi Kugel

    Yerushalmi Kugel

    The sweet and peppery flavor of Jerusalem Kugel. Israeli Cooking, Israeli Recipes.

  • Kasha Varnishkes

    Kasha Varnishkes

    Ashkenazi Recipe Kasha Varnishkes. Buckwheat with bowtie noodles. Ashkenazic Jewish Recipes. Ashkenazic Jewish Food

  • Mock Chopped Liver

    Mock Chopped Liver

    Ashkenazi Recipe Mock Chopped Liver. A Vegetarian Option. Ashkenazic Jewish Recipes. Ashkenazic Jewish Food

  • Sabbath Rice

    Sabbath Rice

    Mediterranean Jewish Recipe Sabbath Rice. Mediterranean Jewish Cooking. Mediterranean Jewish Cuisine

  • Potato Kugel

    Potato Kugel

    A potato kugel should be both crisp and moist, light and substantial. This recipe is a Passover standard, lauded as delicious at seders far and wide.

  • Sweet Potato Latkes

    Sweet Potato Latkes

    Contemporary Latke Variations. Hanukkah Foods. Hanukkah at Home. Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights. Jewish Holidays.

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