Deuteronomy 7:12 - 11:25

Isaiah 49:14 - 51:3

In this Torah portion, Moses continues his speech to the Israelites. He tells them they will have to annihilate people who are not believers in God. Moses reminds them not to forget God’s commandments even after they enter the land of Israel, and that they must continue to fear God.



Winning the Divine Lottery

Moses reminds the Israelites that their accomplishments are not solely the result of their own efforts.

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Cause and Effect

Eikev shows us that everything we do — or avoid doing — has consequences, even if we don’t see them now.

The Covenant of Fertility

Fertility of the womb and fertility of the land are divine gifts.

The Challenges Of Humility

We should respond to our prosperity with recognition of the factors that lead to our success and with humility before God.

The Divine Ownership Of Wealth

We can translate the concept of the divine ownership of wealth into recognition of the collective effort involved in the generation of wealth.

Graced With Food

By blessing after we eat, we elevate the act of eating by connecting with God.

Through Weakness And Strength

In times of success and prosperity we must remember those who have assisted us in the past.

The Land Is The Means

The Land of Israel is a means to the sacred end of developing into Godly people.

The Human Body Code

The imagery of the Bible hints at the luminous potentiality of our bodies to experience God.

Prioritizing Obligations

The importance of a holistic approach to halacha (Jewish law).

Wholeness of a Broken Heart

True repair begins when we acknowledge the impact of broken relationships on this planet.

The Seven Species

The seven species of the land of Israel have special medical and spiritual properties.

Helping a Stranger

Breaking down emotional barriers to empathy.

Communal Cohesion

The second paragraph of the Shema teaches us the importance of the communal observance of Judaism.

No Pain, No Gain And No More Manna

The manna was not only a gift of food, but also a tangible sign of God's relationship with the Children of Israel.

Empowering Fear

Moses teaches the people that their achievement of true fear of God will allow them to not fear any enemy.

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There is much we can learn from Moses' advice to the Israelites at the edge of the Promised Land.

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Haftarah for Eikev

Isaiah consoles the exiled nation of Israel.

Parashat Eikev: Summary

Moses continues his speech to the Israelites, reminding them to keep God's commandments when they enter the land of Israel.