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Get Your Passover Questions Answered

Got questions about Passover? My Jewish Learning has answers.

Dayenu: It Would Have Been Enough

Hebrew and English text of this iconic Passover song.

How to Find a Passover Seder Near You

Don't have plans for the Seder? No problem.

Why Do Jews Wear Costumes on Purim?

The long practice of masquerading may have its roots in medieval Italy.

Relationships at Sleepaway Camp

First of all, not everyone is having sex. But if you’re thinking about hooking up over the summer, read this first.

How to Find a Sponsoring Rabbi for Conversion to Judaism

Sponsoring rabbis serve as mentors and oversee the fundamentals of the conversion proces.

How to Say the Asher Yatzar Blessing

This blessing of thanksgiving is traditionally recited upon exiting the restroom.

Get an Easy Weeknight Recipe Each Sunday

Weeknight dinners don’t need to be complicated. Save time and add a little Jewish flavor to your weeknight meals with ...

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What Happens on the Day of Conversion

The particulars can vary, but typically it involves appearing before a Beit Din, immersing in a mikveh, and adopting a Hebrew name.