Rabbi Avi Weinstein

Rabbi Avi Weinstein is the Head of Jewish Studies at the Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy in Kansas City.

Articles by Rabbi Avi Weinstein

Buying Truth, Speaking Truth, Acknowledging Truth

Selections from traditional sources

No Deposit, No Return

The commandment to return to God is always within our reach.

The Worst Curse Is To Lose All Control

Among the curses for those who break the covenant is the inability to provide for themselves.

Peace: Jewish Traditional Sources

The concept of peace is deeply ingrained in the Jewish legal and ethical system.

Where Was Moses?

The hero of the Exodus is nearly absent from the Passover account.

The Morning After

Following the deaths of Korach and his followers, Aaron stands between the Angel of Death and the Israelites.

No Pain, No Gain And No More Manna

The manna was not only a gift of food, but also a tangible sign of God's relationship with the Children of Israel.

My Killer, My Brother

The instruction not to provoke the descendants of Esau reminds us that there is always potential for family reconciliation.

Jews March On

The verses recited when the ark (and today the Torah) was carried remind us of our own restless wanderings.

Some Days Count More Than Others

The days between Passover and Shavuot are a time of great vulnerability and profound opportunity.