Alana Alpert

After receiving rabbinic ordination from Hebrew College in June 2014, Alana will serve as the Rabbi/Organizer of Project Micah in Detroit, an exciting collaboration between Congregation T'chiyah and the Harriet Tubman Center. A trained community organizer, educator, and service-learning facilitator, she has worked in a number of Jewish and interfaith social justice organizations. She is passionate about the intersections of spiritual practice and social change.

Articles by Alana Alpert

Prioritizing Obligations

The importance of a holistic approach to halacha (Jewish law).

Rerouting Goals

Learning to overcome setbacks, just like the Israelites.

The Instinct to Hoard

Even when times are tough, we still must give.

Obligation & Volunteerism

In social justice work, can we simultaneously reach a broad audience while ensuring participants are there for the right reasons?

From Insecurity to Sovereignty

Like the manna in the desert, food aid policies often do not foster real freedom.

Self-Interest and Solidarity

There are many motivators for fighting injustice.

Transformative Encounters

To be a Jew is to be as Jacob: struggling, transforming, and inspiring to others.

Challenging the Heavens

Abraham attempts to save the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.