Rabbi Amy Grossblatt Pessah

Amy Grossblatt Pessah is a rabbi, author, spiritual director and mother. She was ordained by Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal and received a master's degree in Jewish education from Hebrew Union College. Her first book, Parenting on a Prayer: Ancient Jewish Secrets for Raising Modern Children, was published in 2020.

Articles by Rabbi Amy Grossblatt Pessah

Question: Can I Convert to Judaism and Still Be Christian?

Judaism and Christianity profess beliefs that are incompatible with each other.

Parashat Kedoshim: Caring for Our Bodies

As a rabbi, I have been asked many times what it means to be holy. Most literally, the Hebrew word ...

Parashat Pekudei: Opening Ourselves Up

How many of us who are grieving put up screens in our lives in order to get through the day?

Parashat Ha’Azinu: Healing Ourselves

What is God's role in moving through life to death?

Parashat Ki Teitzei: Carrying the Burden

We aren’t expected to pull ourselves up without help.

Parashat Eikev: 100 Daily Blessings

There is much we can learn from Moses' advice to the Israelites at the edge of the Promised Land.

Parashat Matot-Masei: Marking the Miracles

Many of the moments we once took for granted can be appreciated as miracles if we only stop to notice.

Parashat Korach: Running Toward Death

In Parashat Korach, we learn about a rebellion by Korach and 250 other community leaders who accuse Moses and Aaron ...

Parashat Nasso: Finding Peace

Giving ourselves time to grieve can lead us to a place where we feel God’s blessings.

Parashat Emor: Teach Your Children Well

Parashat Emor focuses on the laws of the priesthood, sacred donations to the Temple and the calendar of sacred festivals. ...