Rabbi Elliot R. Kukla

Rabbi Elliot Kukla is a rabbi at the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center in San Francisco.

Articles by Rabbi Elliot R. Kukla

HIV/AIDS and the Jewish Community

Despite the richness of Jewish sources which speak to stigma and illness, the history of Jewish community's reaction to AIDS has been rocky.

Global & Local Listening

Let us create space to listen to the sounds of suffering and joy.

The Commandment to Choose Life

Every choice we make from birth to death matters.

Wholeness of a Broken Heart

True repair begins when we acknowledge the impact of broken relationships on this planet.

The Wandering People

Everyone must have a safe place to be before anyone can feel at home.

Internal and External Change

Leaving Egypt was a change. Leaving slavery is a transition.

Sacred Time and Space

The Jewish concept of holiness is bound to notions of sacred time and space--and reaching out to those in need.

Considering Our Food Choices

This portion challenges us to express our most intimate and deeply held values with every mouthful.

Idolatry Everywhere

What objects and ideas do we treat as idols?

Nothing Is Unchangeable

If a sea can split, anything is possible.