Exodus 10:1 - 13:16

Jeremiah 46:13 - 46:28

In this Torah portion, God sends the eighth and ninth plagues, locusts and darkness, but Pharaoh still refuses to free the Israelite slaves. God tells Moses that the 10th plague will be killing all the firstborn Egyptians. God commands each Israelite home to slaughter a lamb and spread the blood on their doorposts, in order to protect their firstborns. After the death of the firstborns, Pharaoh demands that the Israelites leave.


Parashat Bo: The Miracle of Mixed Multitudes

Parashat Bo reminds us of the beautiful world that can be built in an instant, even after destruction and heartache.

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Released Into Jewish Time

Separateness is not the same as narrowness.

A Calendar All Our Own

Living according to Jewish time makes a tremendous difference in the texture of life.

Ready For Renewal

Like the Israelites, modern Jews face the challenge of responsibly establishing new guidelines and directions for the Jewish community.

Moses Vs. Pharaoh

A clash illustrates the fundamental differences between paganism and monotheism.

Does One Crime Justify Another?

Understanding why God hardens Pharaoh's heart.

Return to the Homeland

In Parashat Bo, the Israelites are freed from Egypt.

Taking Notice in Our Time

Renewal is possible at every moment.

Pharaoh’s Courtiers

We can identify with Pharaoh's servants--and this need not make us uncomfortable.

The Darkness

The power of the final plagues.

Keeping Faith

Just as the Israelites maintained their faith through nine plagues, we too should develop our ability to have faith in times of darkness.

Learning Through Teaching

By teaching our children about the Exodus, we gain a greater appreciation and more profound understanding of it ourselves.

The Mark Of Liberation: First Steps

Marking their doorposts with blood, the Israelites took the first step toward redemption, that of naming themselves as oppressed and determined to break free.

What’s In A Miracle?

The miraculous experience of the Exodus and redemption inspires us to seek the miraculous presence of God in our daily lives.

Body And Soul Religion

Thought and internal spirituality still require physical action in order to deepen one's religious experience.

Come, My Pretty

Moses managed to come close to Pharaoh, even though Pharaoh posed a threat.

Defining Service Of God

As the Israelites transition from being servants of Pharaoh to servants of God, they acknowledge that God will instruct them in how to best serve God.

Parashat Bo: An Unprecedented Journey

We can learn from Moses when we are forced to take an unprecedented journey through grief.

Do Not Be Locked In the Past

We must remember the past and learn from it without constantly reliving emotions and experiences that have long since passed.

Family Stories

From generation to generation

A Stubborn Heart

Bo: A resource for families.

Parashat Bo Quiz

How much do you know about Parashat Bo?

Haftarah for Bo

Jeremiah taunts the Egyptians.

Parashat Bo: Summary

God brings the final three plagues on the Egyptians; the Israelites leave Egypt and receive the commandment to observe Passover.