Rabbi Ismar Schorsch

Rabbi Ismar Schorsch served as chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Articles by Rabbi Ismar Schorsch

Passover and Easter

Both celebrate spring and hope, though there are major differences between them also.

The Language of Memory

From the Bible to today, the Chosen People rise again after every destruction.

Pinchas and Intermarriage

The Torah portion deals with intermarriage, a phenomenon with contemporary resonance.

Spirit Strength

Balak intuited an important truth about the Israelites: Their strength was spiritual, not military.

Sometimes There Are Second Chances

Of "Second Passover," Rabbi Akiva and adult bat mitzvahs.

Why Bondage?

An exploration of why the Children of Israel were destined to be slaves to Pharaoh

The Order of Disorder

A word and its opposite may be one and the same.

Rebuke and Reward in this World

The fate of the individual is often determined by the behavior of the community as a whole.


Obligations to the poor at harvest time.