Rabbi Dorothy A. Richman

Rabbi Dorothy A. Richman is the Rabbi Martin Ballonoff Memorial Rabbi-in-Residence at Berkeley Hillel.

Articles by Rabbi Dorothy A. Richman

Lessons for Former Slaves

How can people who have worked to regain their freedom enslave their brothers?

Hear and Act

Primo Levi's poem gives us new insights into the Shema.

Creating Sustainable Freedom

All people must know that they have value.

Two Halves of a Whole

There is more than one meaning behind the counting in Bamidbar.

Intentional Intervention

We must learn to offer hand-ups instead of hand-outs.

From Guilt to Action

The sacrificial system teaches that coming nearer to God requires coming nearer to each other.

Responsible Clothing

Following the example of the High Priest's bands, issue bracelets can raise awareness--the awareness of their wearer.

Pharaoh’s Courtiers

We can identify with Pharaoh's servants--and this need not make us uncomfortable.

The Limitations of Self-Denial

We must use our gifts of wealth, education, and influence to improve conditions for the poor and powerless.