Rabbi Toba Spitzer

Rabbi Toba Spitzer is the spiritual leader of Congregation Dorshei Tzedek in West Newton. She has bowled in 31 states.

Articles by Rabbi Toba Spitzer

God And Metaphor

Believers and skeptics alike tend to view God similarly -- as big, all-powerful, and good. But there are other options.

Tzedek: The Jewish Value of Justice

In Jewish thought, justice isn't merely about how things work, but how they ought to be.

By The Power Vested in Me By The Commonwealth of Massachusetts! : 10 Years of Marriage Equality in MA

As we celebrate the ten year anniversary of legal same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, we’ve invited members of the community to ...

The Mark Of Liberation: First Steps

Marking their doorposts with blood, the Israelites took the first step toward redemption, that of naming themselves as oppressed and determined to break free.

The Four Steps Of Liberation

The unfolding experience of liberation enables the knowledge of new aspects of God.