Adina Gerver

Adina Gerver, a freelance writer and editor, is studying at the Advanced Scholars Program of the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem. She has served as assistant director of the Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning and program officer at the Covenant Foundation.

Articles by Adina Gerver

Education for Change

The powerful lessons of hakhel and shmita.

Tzedek vs. Tzedakah: Justice vs. Charity

Both are about righting the wrongs that are all too pervasive in our world.

The Gift of Speech

What Balaam's donkey and under-represented minorities have in common.

Shmita and Climate Change

If we ignore God's will that we care for the earth now, we risk losing everything in the future.

Giving Sensibly

What we can learn from Nadav and Avihu.

A Role Defined By Service

In a society in which we value democracy and strive to assign leadership based on merit, what can we learn from the priesthood?

Collective Punishment and Collective Responsibility

Did all Egyptians deserve to be punished?

Joseph’s Response to Hunger

To prevent world hunger, we must dream big dreams and take wise action.

Opening the Gaps in Patriarchy

How Rebecca helped empower women.