Parashat Tetzaveh

(You Shall Command)

Exodus 27:20 - 30:10

Ezekiel 43:10-27

In this Torah portion, God appoints Aaron and his sons as priests. God describes the priestly clothing and explains how to properly sanctify the priests. Aaron is commanded to make incense offerings to God every morning on an altar. God explains that once a year Aaron will make an offering on that altar to atone for all of the Israelites’ sins.


Parashat Tetzaveh: Pinterest for Priests

The Torah’s elaborate description of the priestly vestments reminds us that clothing has the power to change how we feel.

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Confronting An Absence

Both Parashat Tetzaveh and the Book of Esther are missing some central characters.

Clothes Make The Person

The emphasis on the priestly clothes teaches us the importance of bringing honor and splendor to God and the commandments.

The Ultimate Destination Spot

In Parashat Tetzaveh, Aaron is given instruction on how to properly visit the Tabernacle.

All That’s Gold Doesn’t Glitter

Behind every gold ring are mountains of waste and trails of destruction.

We Are All Holy Before God

How to make weighty decisions about the community we are working to create.

Responsible Clothing

Following the example of the High Priest's bands, issue bracelets can raise awareness--the awareness of their wearer.

The Routine vs. The Novel

The rituals of the tabernacle and Temple called for strictly defined roles -- but also allowed for new expressions.

Live To Serve

Like the priests and Levites, we must find our unique eternal flame to light the world.

Multiplicity Of Meanings

The high priest's breastplate reminds us of the numerous ways to understand text and reality.

The Holy Art of Sacrifice

Balancing wisdom with passion is the key to achieving justice in the world.

Aromatherapy: Jewish Style

The incense reminds us to unite our bodies and souls in our service of God and to imbue our lives with holiness, purity, compassion and hope.

A Role Defined By Service

In a society in which we value democracy and strive to assign leadership based on merit, what can we learn from the priesthood?

Moses’ Absence

Parashat Tetzaveh foreshadows the connection the Children of Israel will have with God after the death of Moses.

Parashat Tetzaveh: Carrying Our Loved Ones in Our Hearts

The priestly garments provide a guide on how we can remember.

To Everything There Is a Season

Just as our words can bring joy they can also bring pain

Let Everyone Shine

Allowing each individual's particular talents to find expression strengthens the entire unit.

The Meaning of Clothes

Tetzaveh: A resource for families.

Parashat Tetzaveh Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Parashat Tetzaveh: Summary

God describes to Moses the clothing and anointing process of the priests.