Rabbi Kerrith Rosenbaum

Articles by Rabbi Kerrith Rosenbaum

Renewing a Relationship

Reaching out is a risk that comes with a big potential reward.

Jealousy Makes Us Foolish

There is almost always a deeper, inner insecurity that is causing the jealousy.

The Courage to Think Differently

It can be difficult when we find ourselves with a different point of view from that of the larger group.

Appreciating What You Have

An important part of being content is to stop comparing ourselves to others.

Order Versus Disorder

When we build order into our lives, we begin to manage the seemingly overwhelming tasks.

Being Kind to Animals

We must remember that respect for the living creatures in this world is also an important value.

Food Choices

This week's text connects food to the idea of holiness, which leads us to ask: What is holy about food?

The Power of Words

While we might not break into boils when we gossip or spread rumors, it certainly can make us ugly on the inside.

To Everything There Is a Season

Just as our words can bring joy they can also bring pain

Listening, or Really Hearing

It can often be difficult to truly hear what others are saying to us.