Jewish Recipes

Different Matzah Balls

A slightly different take on the classic matzah ball.

Potato Matzah Balls

Add some potato to your matzah ball soup.

Matzah Balls with a Twist

A tasty way to spruce up the classic matzah ball.

Cholent Recipes

A cholent for every occasion.

Indian Cholent

Spices from the subcontinent combined with the classic flavors of cholent.

Polish Cholent

A traditional cholent recipe.


An easy recipe with old-world Jewish charm.

Jewish Recipes

Traditional and Contemporary Jewish Food for Every Occasion.

Cold Cucumber Soup

Variations on the traditional borscht.

Mandelbrot: Almond Bread

The Jewish biscotti may have Italian roots.

Pita Bread

Middle Eastern flatbread fresh out of the oven.


Moroccan cholent (Sabbath stew).