Chaya Rappoport

Chaya Rappoport is a food stylist, baker and recipe developer with a deep love for challah, halva and salty everything. Currently NYC based, you can find her blogging seasonal recipes on and postings snaps of her day to day cooking + baking on instagram, @retrolillies. Her work has been featured on The Feed Feed,, Food and Wine and Conde Nast Traveler.

Articles by Chaya Rappoport

Green Shakshuka With Feta Recipe

This might be even better than the original.

Like Babka? You’ll Love This Recipe for Chocolate Kokosh Cake 

Gooey, endless layers of chocolate pastry topped with streusel.

Greek Salad with Fried Halloumi Cheese

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Sweet summer corn gets an Israeli makeover.

The Secret Ingredient for the Best Schnitzel

Add a little briny tang to traditional schnitzel.

Classic Apple Strudel Recipe

A family-inspired recipe that taste just like bubbe's.

Cheesy Kale and Potato Gratin Recipe

This cheesy crowd pleaser celebrates Jewish history and strong women.

The Ultimate Stuffed Cabbage Hack

The delicious flavors of stuffed cabbage made easier.

Chocolate Babka Challah Recipe

If you love sweet challah, this is the ultimate sweet loaf.