Chaya Rappoport

Chaya Rappoport is a food stylist, baker and recipe developer with a deep love for challah, halva and salty everything. Currently NYC based, you can find her blogging seasonal recipes on and postings snaps of her day to day cooking + baking on instagram, @retrolillies. Her work has been featured on The Feed Feed,, Food and Wine and Conde Nast Traveler.

Articles by Chaya Rappoport

Chocolate Babka Challah Recipe

If you love sweet challah, this is the ultimate sweet loaf.

Harissa Salmon Niçoise Salad Recipe

A traditional French salad gets a North African makeover.

Frozen Limonana: The Israeli Slushie Your Summer Needs

The most delicious, minty brain freeze awaits you this summer.

Everything Bagel Bourekas Recipe

Classic New York bagel meets Israeli bourekas in this playful dish.

Strawberry and Cream Rugelach Recipe

The perfect Jewish cookie to celebrate spring.

Blood Orange, Saffron and Semolina Cake Recipe

A cake inspired by citrus and the Middle East.

Turkish Coffee Brownies with Cinnamon Caramel

A decadent, Middle Eastern-inspired treat.

Chocolate Babka Donuts Recipe

When babka meets a donut, you know it's doubly delicious.

Moroccan-Inspired Tzimmes with Saffron, White Wine and Chicken

A classic dish, re-imagined with sweet and savory flavors.

Labneh and Fig Tart with Olive Oil Crust

A sweet seasonal dessert perfect for summer.