Tractate Taanit

Tractate Taanit

Summary of Tractate Taanit

This talmudic tractate about fasting is packed with stories.

Tractate Taanit

Taanit 31

Dancing to the end of Tractate Taanit.

Tractate Taanit

Taanit 30

Torah study on Tisha B'Av.

Taanit 29

Bad Things Occur on an Ominous Day.

Taanit 27

Holding up the world.

Taanit 26

Five calamitous matters.

Taanit 25

The origins of Avinu Malkeinu.

Taanit 24

“Woe to the generation that is stuck with my leadership!”

Taanit 23

Honi the Circle Drawer.

Taanit 22

Secret identities.

Taanit 21

Sounding the alarm.

Taanit 20

Soft like a reed.

Taanit 19

Many kinds of rain.