Tractate Yoma

Tractate Yoma

Summary of Tractate Yoma

An introduction to the sixth tractate of the Talmud, dealing with the laws of Yom Kippur.

Tractate Yoma

Yoma 88

Locking up.

Tractate Yoma

Yoma 87

The right words for confession.

Yoma 86

Great is repentance!

Yoma 85

Doing the work of repentance.

Yoma 84

Break down the door!

Yoma 83

The heart knows the bitterness of the soul.

Yoma 82

Pregnancy and pork.

Yoma 81

Biblical criticism.

Yoma 79

How large is a large date?

Yoma 77

So they will not be obstructed from coming in the future.

Yoma 76

What’s the big deal about anointing?

Yoma 75

The manna in the mirror.