Why The Mishnah Is the Best Jewish Book You’ve Never Read

This almost 2,000-year-old text flies under the radar -- but it's immensely important to Jewish life.


Gemara: The Essence of the Talmud

Together with the Mishnah, these texts make up what is known as Rabbinic Judaism.


Tale of Two Talmuds: Jerusalem and Babylonian

The two texts developed simultaneously in the two major Jewish communities of the rabbinic era.

What Is the Talmud?

An intergenerational rabbinic conversation that is studied, not read.

Rabbi Akiva: Separating Fact from Legend

Second-century sage laid the foundation for Rabbinic Judaism.

Pirkei Avot: Ethics of Our Fathers

One of the best-known and most cited of Jewish texts.

Havruta: Learning in Pairs

A modern emphasis on peer-guided text study--an approach with ancient roots--reflects new social realities in the world of traditional Jewish learning.

About Talmud

A short description of what the Talmud is and is not, and how and why the Talmud has been studied by Jews throughout the generations.

What Is the Mishnah?

A description of Judaism's primary book of Jewish legal theory.

Rabbi Judah the Prince

Editor of the Mishnah.

Yohanan ben Zakkai

Student of Hillel contributed to the continued study of Torah and the protection of the Sanhedrin.


The preeminent rabbi of first century Palestine whose name is on Jewish campus organizations worldwide.

Judaism after the Temple

Coping with destruction and building for the future.

Beruriah of Palestine

A scholar in her own right.

The Tosefta

An 'addition' to the Mishnah--or something else?