What Is Midrash?

These writings, which fill in gaps in biblical texts, falls into two categories: halacha and aggadah.


Midrash Aggadah

Exploring ethical ideas, biblical characters or narrative moments.


Midrash Halacha

Biblical interpretations that focus on Jewish law and practices.

Midrash Rabbah

Rabbinic interpretations and discussions of the Bible.

Midrash Quiz

How much do you know about the origins and methods of this exegetical tradition?

Is There Still Midrash Today?

Finding midrash in current events, your local synagogue and your movie theater.

What Midrash Teaches About the Rabbis

Midrash allowed the rabbis to explain and expand on the Torah--and in doing so, they revealed much about themselves.

Modern Midrash

Contemporary artists expand the Jewish bookshelf.

Stories of Our Ancestors

The midrash rounds out the biblical figures Abraham and Sarah

Torah as the Blueprint for the World

A closer look at the famous midrash that opens the collection Genesis Rabbah.

Reconciliation Within the Family and Beyond the Family

The Book of Genesis is nothing if not a story of dysfunctional families.Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Hagar, Sarah ...

Serah, Daughter of Asher

How the Midrash interprets Serah's role in Israelite history.

Sifra and Sifre

Legal midrash on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Kiss of Death

Midrash explains how Moses could be happy with dying.

Let My People Go

Exploring Moses and Aaron's confrontation with Pharaoh