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Acharei Mot – Kedoshim, Fearing Death and Respecting Our Elders

"Be careful to continue to respect an elder who has forgotten his Torah knowledge due to circumstances beyond his control. Even though he is no longer a Torah scholar, he must still be respected for the Torah that he once possessed. As we say: Both the tablets of the Covenant and the broken tablets are placed in the Ark.”  (BT Berachot 8) 

Raw Trauma

The realization suddenly dawned on me at perhaps the most inappropriate of times. I was at the mourning gathering for ...

What Jews Can Learn From Mormons

Looking to the joint humanitarian causes

What do Guns have to do with Passover? I’ll Tell You.

We have an average of 13,000 gun homicides a year in the United States.

Reconciliation takes many forms.

It hurts to be seen so negatively by others. To be a target of angry and bitter words.


This parsha, detailing the priests' responsibilities and actions for five varied types of sacrifices, contains minutiae, apparently trivial specifics about a ritual which seem today, without the existence of a priestly class, irrelevant.  But, oh, the words!

Seventeen Minutes

We stand facing the row of empty desks and chairs

Writing Your Own Ketubah

A rabbi offers advice on writing your own Jewish wedding contract