Leviticus 25:1 - 26:2

Jeremiah 32:6 - 32:27

In this Torah portion, God describes the laws surrounding resting the land and crops every seven years, as well as the Jubilee year every 50 years. God permits the use of slaves but provides stipulations including the obligation to eventually free your slaves.


Masters Of Servitude

The laws of the Sabbatical year inspire us to sanctify space, time, and our behaviors towards each other.

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Do Jews Own the Land of Israel?

We dwell on the land at God's pleasure, always on condition.

Not Misrepresenting

Your relationships with others can only be real if they rest on honest assumptions.

Sharing is Letting Go of Control

Letting go is hard work, but loosening our grip will ultimately make us feel freer.

Words Can Hurt

B'har: A resource for families.

Who Does the Land Belong To?

B'har affirms that the land belongs to God, and the land must be permitted to observe its Sabbaths, too.

Shemitah & Climate Change

If we ignore God's will that we care for the earth now, we risk losing everything in the future.

Parashat B’har Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

We Are All God’s Creatures

One of the Torah's central insights is the ultimate lack of human authority and ownership.

The Mitzvah of Shemitah

The concept of the sabbatical year reveals the awesome splendor of God's earth.

Divine Lottery

The American narrative and the biblical narrative offer conflicting approaches to wealth and material gain.

Elevation or Obstacle?

The mountain in this week's parashah can be a place of spiritual growth or an impediment.

Fairness In The Marketplace

The rabbinic understanding of commerce laws in parashat B'har focuses on ensuring that consumers have access to market information.

Parashat Behar: Summary

God tells Moses to instruct the people in the laws of the Sabbatical and Jubilee years, as well as how to relate to those in the community who become impoverished.

This Land Is God’s Land

The prohibition against worshiping idols includes falsely attributing to ourselves power over land.

Sowing Seeds Of Redemption

The Jubilee year encourages us to take time to appreciate our labors and the role God plays in our lives.

A New World

The reinterpretation of the term "forever" encourages us to strive for new realities within our own lifetimes.

Reaching Out To Those In Need

Numerous translators of the Bible understand differently the specifics of the command to strengthen those that are falling low, but all agree on the importance of its fulfillment.

Responding Swiftly To Need

Charity is rooted in our understanding that those who need our help are indeed our brothers.

Our Love For The Land Of Israel

The commandment to bring the redemption of the Land of Israel reminds us of the inextricable link between Judaism and Israel.