Jewish Cuisine

Ashkenazic Cuisine

European Jewish cuisine developed along with the migration of the Jewish community.


The roots of Ashkenazic cuisine lie in medieval Germany.

Sephardic Cuisine

Sephardic cuisine refers to the foods eaten by a large and diverse group of Jews.

The Middle East

The Jews of Baghdad and Persia make great rice dishes, flavored with herbs.

Israeli Food

The Nosher

All About the Kugel

A roundup of dozens of kugel recipes

Roasted Acorn Squash

A side dish with flair.

Coconut Rice Cakes

A delicately sweet dish with Caribbean roots.

Top 5 New Israel Foodie Spots

The best places to eat in Israel

How to Choose a Good Knife

A chef's tips for knife-shopping.

Jewish American Food

Gefilte Fish

A history of the Jewish fish product.

American Cuisine

The development of a uniquely American Jewish cuisine.


A history from the traditional to the treif.

Egg Cream

U-Bet syrup & seltzer make a comeback


Homemade smoked salmon has a strong Jewish appeal.

Classic Jewish Recipes


The braided Sabbath bread.

Roasted Chicken

A perennial Friday night favorite.


The Jewish coffee cake.


You've seen it in the stores. Now you can make it at home.

Bagel Recipe

Make your own bagels.