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What’s Southern and Jewish About Adventure Time?

Remembering Polly Lou Livingston, the iconic voice of Tree Trunks

A Rabbi Wearing a Female Meatsuit

The body we are born in is just a meat suit...

Jewish Wisdom from Jewish Educators

Judaism has a lot to tell us about how to live a meaningful life—here's some Jewish wisdom that inspires us.

The World is Both Big and Small

Lessons in community from the pandemic year

Fostering Belonging and Dignity

Building LGBTQ-affirming community.

I’ll Be Home for Hanukkah

A strange holiday season leads to new traditions

To Everything There is a Season

Reflections from a southern Jew on New Year's Eve

A Blind Date with Literature

Or, what happens when you can't judge a book by its cover.

Forgiveness is Earned

She came into our lives like a freight train. Barreling through and doing as much destruction to our family as ...

Trees, Dreams, and the Morning After

While 2020 continues 2020-ing all around us, one practice I’ve found extremely comforting is SVARA’S daily drop-in mishnah collective. I’ve ...

Hanukkah Advocacy Starts at Home

Rachel's mom inspired her passion for Jewish education—and she's keeping the tradition alive.

Can a Rabbi Pastor Pastors?

The Rev. Dr. Paul Sorrentino, the former Director of Religious Life at Amherst College continues to shape my career as ...

A Former Seminarian in Seminary, Mississippi

As a Mississippi transplant, Rabbi Matt Dreffin loves sharing his Jewish story—even when it's sometimes misunderstood.

What’s Next? The West Wing and Jewish Representation

Gabby is finally seeing herself on TV—and she wants us to bring her the finest muffins and bagels in all the land.

A Land for All

Those who see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a purely political dispute over self-determination, territory, and security are missing the bigger ...