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The Day With The Most Light Is The Day We Fight

On Alzheimer's, loss, crocheting, and comfort

Shabbat 143

Household chores.

Ethiopian Scholar Reflects on Extraordinary Life and Career

Harvard Divinity School Distinguished Alumni honoree has worked to spread education and promote peace.

Shabbat 137

A talmud brain teaser.

John Lewis Remembered: A Handshake to Bridge a Nation

No greater strength have I ever felt than the compassion and resolve of his tightly clasped hand.

This Black Jewish Teen Is Leading the Fight for Climate Justice

Diller Tikkun Olam Award recipient says environmental justice and racial justice are connected.

Black Jewish Educator Advocates for More Inclusive Classrooms

Former district school leader and author of forthcoming book on "identity safe classrooms" shares best practices.

Palestinians and Israeli Settlers Publicly Stand Together Against Annexation

Even in Israel, the looming threat (or promise, for some) of the annexation of parts of the West Bank no ...

Stonewall Avot v’Imahot

Please rise, as you are able, in body or in spirit for our queer ancestors:  Marsha, Stormé, Sylvia, our forebears ...

Shabbat 124

Moving it.

A Bar Mitzvah in the Mississippi Delta During A Global Pandemic

Even during times like these, small southern Jewish communities find a way

7 LGBTQ+ Jews of Color You Should Know

These talented people represent an array of Jewish experience and racial/ethnic identity.

Psalm 7 Reimagined

For my Granddaughter, on the Revocation of Trans Healthcare Protections

Juneteenth: Joy in the Midst of Pain

While the death of George Floyd brings up personal traumas for many us, it’s important to remember that part of self-care is finding joy.