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Go Someplace Else – Our Clinic is Only for Us!

The phone rang early in the morning, just a few minutes after I had gotten out of bed. It was ...

Meaningful Resolutions: On Living a “Long” Life

An important reminder from a Southern Jewish student

8 TV Chanukah Specials, Ranked

A little pop culture parsing for your Festival of Lights

Mrs. Maisel’s Oklahoma Roots: Plausible, or Preposterous?

A Southern Jewish Historian weighs in on the recent Marvelous plotline

Greek Jewish Hanukkah Is Not A Paradox

Celebrating Hanukkah with unique Greek Jewish customs

Who Black Hebrew Israelites Are—And Who They Are Not

While many, if not most, Israelite or Hebrew adherents have not had a halachic conversion, it’s not so easy to dismiss them as “not real Jews.”

Jewish Journeys in my Journal

Sometimes a new chapter can mean... a new chapter

Mumbai Synagogue Granted UNESCO Award

Second oldest synagogue in India has been restored to its original grandeur

A Jewish Lesson on Basketball and Envy

On a long-distance drive with my son, I was listening to the podcast, Hidden Brain. What piqued my interest in ...

How My Bukharian Jewish Community Celebrates Hanukkah

Professor and tour guide in New York shares history and recipe for Hannukah cookies.

Meet Essie Shachar-Hill, Chicago’s first full-time Keshet change-maker

Chicago’s first full-time Keshet trainer and educator brings leadership chops, a deep commitment to social change, and a love of bagels to new role

C’mon, Let’s Do the Twist, Why Braid Challah?

We traditionally welcome Shabbat on Friday evening with Challah, the customary sweet braided bread.  Why braided? Twists and braids are ...

Finding the Beauty in New Places (And Old Ones, Too)

Some things the Deep South has made me thankful for recently