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‘Tis the Season

Spring is graduation season. My Facebook feed is crowded with photos of my friends’ children in cap-and-gown garb, sporting smiles, ...

Ahavah, Acharei Mot, and a Bar Mitzvah

This month Jed Schwartz had his Bar Mitzvah. And, like many B’nai Mitzvah students, Jed gave a D’var Torah– speaking ...

Sharing Sorrow, Bringing Hope

Thousands of people had passed by before we managed to gather a minyan (quorum) of ten for the evening prayers. ...

An Indian Jew Falls in Love with Israel

Charting a path of connection and adventure

Handwritten and Heartfelt

Sending those B'nai Mitzvah thank-you notes is a ritual we shouldn't lose

Judaism Was Destiny for This Guatemalan

In moving to the United States from Guatemala, I found my purpose and place in Jewish community

My Reconnection to Judaism

I was raised in Columbus, Ohio in a very white, Jewish suburb called Bexley. Even though I went to a ...

Teff Matzah: A Passover Experiment

A kosher-for-Passover alternative to injera...that we don't recommend.

Timbrels & Tribulations

Some holiday memories really stay with us...

#MeToo, #TimesUp, #NewNormal 

I received an email from a reporter who wanted to interview #MeToo Rabbis.  I replied, “We are all #MeToo Rabbis.” Well, at least ...

Passover Podcasts

Why is this audio story different from all other audio stories?

Preparing for Passover in Memphis: A Trip Down Memory Lane

My Memphis holiday memories remind me what matters most

5 LGBTQ Jewish Activists To Know

Jewish activists have an important part of countless activist movements– from the global LGBTQ rights movements and civil rights movements ...