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Healing Myself and Others Through My Artwork

Black and Jewish artist creates empowering depictions of marginalized people.

Our Divine Sparks

Tu B'Shvat, trees, and bringing holiness in to the world

Indian Jews Encourage Global Participation in Unique Tu Bishvat Ritual

"Malida" ceremony involves prayer and offerings of fruit and nuts.

Grieving for Kobe

I assumed it was an internet hoax at first. Driving my 13-year-old son back from his basketball game, an alert ...

75 years After Auschwitz, Greek Survivor Continues to Inspire

Reflecting on the liberation of Auschwitz, a young Greek Jew takes up the torch of memory.

Justice for All

Looking back on the first three weeks of 2020, a theme for the month of January emerges.  On the eve ...

Finding Encouragement in MLK’s Words—And America’s Changing Demographics

My mixed-race daughter will be part of the nonwhite majority of American youth, which is cause for both celebration and fear.

Making Wine Latkes with Grandma

Yes, "wine latkes" - and no, I cannot share the recipe

A Letter to My Mom

Grief is a funny thing. You never know when it’ll hit you or how poignantly you may feel it at ...

Colombia-Raised Entrepreneur Brings Latin American Judaica to Etsy

Co-founder of Ikku craft store empowers Colombian and Guatemalan artisans who have been victims of violence.

Go Someplace Else – Our Clinic is Only for Us!

The phone rang early in the morning, just a few minutes after I had gotten out of bed. It was ...

Meaningful Resolutions: On Living a “Long” Life

An important reminder from a Southern Jewish student