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Southern & Jewish

Grocery Stories

Descended from Jewish grocers, groceries have shaped my Jewish life

Rabbis Without Borders

Bread and Circus 

Compassion fatigue leads to disinterest and apathy


We’ve Been Here Before

Trans Rights in Massachusetts Recalls Prop 8 in California

Baseball, Dads, and Judaism

Happy Father's Day to all the great father figures out there. And play ball!

Visiting Vicksburg: Reflections from a Rabbi/Army Chaplain

Newly ordained. Longtime military. Feeling these responsibilities deeply.

From Seder to Iftar

I haven’t seen my friend Hafsa in a few weeks since my spouse and I enjoyed an Iftar dinner at ...

A Blessing for Summer

What's more Southern & Jewish than that?

Ode to Spontaneous Selves

  It was Fall the first time I asked my mom if I looked handsome, about halfway through my process ...

Breaking Out

Merkaz Karama, a communal space, using one word from Hebrew and one from Arabic that together translate as Dignity Center

The Power of Stories

Flashback to 2009, when my middle son was 5 years old: “Tell me a story,” he asked. Not, read me ...

The Soul of Waiting

This post is for anyone who finds waiting to be a challenge – meaning most everyone.

Meet Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder

This is a new series featuring the incredible work of some of the most groundbreaking rabbis in the Jewish world.

After Two Years As Southern Jewish Fellows, Where Are They Going?

The 2016-2018 ISJL Fellows' Next Journeys Will Them Across the World... And Across the Hall

Getting to No

Rule #1: ALWAYS be polite...