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Meet the Hardest Working Sephardic Man in Show Business

David Serero draws on his Moroccan Jewish heritage in his adaptations of classic plays.

Southern & Jewish

What I Learned at LimmudFest

The Jewish future is important - but so is the Jewish present

Southern & Jewish

On “God Friended Me”

You don’t have to believe in God to believe in Good

Turning Mourning into Action

Last year in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), we wrote about mourning those we’ve collectively lost to anti-transgender ...

Every Aspect of Myself

A Keshet Shabbaton participant on identity, coming out, and finding places to belong

Sigd: A Unique Ethiopian Jewish Celebration

Challenging ignorance by celebrating diversity at Sigdiyada

Living, Not Dying

Faced with this choice: 1. Vaccinations and x-rays every six months. She could live another five years if it works. ...

Are Jews Ethnic?

A new approach to ethnic studies leaves Jews, Hindus and Asians out of the picture

Southern, Jewish, Fighting Flu-ish

Why getting a flu shot can be a form of pikuach nefesh

You’re Invited: the first ever trans-specific Keshet shabbaton!

These intersecting identities have an undeniable effect on a person, and that’s why we’re so excited to help create a space where this impact is acknowledged and appreciated.

Armenian, Russian, Mexican and…Jewish

Growing into my Jewish Multicultural heritage and future

Sitting Down with Chai Feldblum

An interview with OUTstanding! 2019 honoree, Chai Feldblum, former Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Partner and Director of Workplace Culture Consulting at Morgan Lewis, and activist extraordinaire

Sitting Down with Dr. Joy Ladin

An interview with OUTstanding! 2019 honoree, Dr. Joy Ladin; poet, scholar, and a visionary activist for trans equality.

Sitting Down With Dr. Joy Ladin

A conversation with one of this year’s OUTstanding! NYC honorees, Joy Ladin, about her journey as a poet, scholar, and a visionary activist for trans equality.