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Growing Up Jewish in Modern Baghdad

Celebrating Nowruz as a model for hope and change.

Rabbis Without Borders

Morning Exercises: Prayer

Two weeks ago, I began posting on my blog about my morning routine, or morning exercises as I called them. ...


Meet Keshet’s Director of Advocacy, Mason Dunn

We’re bringing on our first ever director of advocacy, and we are thrilled to have Mason joining us in this role!

Mixing Some Meaning Into My Breakfast

Or, adding a little Jewish value(s) to your oatmeal

Jewish Women from Diverse Artistic Perspectives

New show highlights the diversity of Jewish women's experiences

Why Women and Girls?

Some thoughts from the co-chairs of Keshet's first ever Women and Girls Shabbaton

Liberty, Justice and Gender Redefinition for All: A Netflix Story 

My child is three heading towards four. When watching tv on her Netflix, I have noticed that the categories have ...

How Aging is a Blessing

“I hate my birthday,” my friend said to me. She has hated her birthday for as long as I can ...

Recalibrating – It’s Not Only About Us!

For decades I have taught that Jews live with a double identity. On the one hand we are B’nai Adam, ...

Putting Grandma to Bed

My mother’s eyes were closed with fatigue. It was around 8 pm. She is so often exhausted as her body ...

Try this prescription for Spiritual Wellness

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several groups of 5th graders at one of ...

Are All Religions the Same?

I’ve always thought that Judaism best expresses the essence of all religions. Spoiler alert: I may have been wrong. But, ...

When in Rome (or New Orleans)

Jewish life thrives at Mardi Gras and all year round

Is “The Good Place” Jewish?

Because some of its ideas about the afterlife sure are...

Hidden Figures: Homeless in Suburbia

In Atlanta, where an estimated 3,000 homeless people that cannot be accommodated in shelters sleep in parks and under highway ...