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The Right Place at the Right Time

Welcoming a stranger in my midst


Ruth, Naomi, and Shavuot: Lifting Each Other Up to Create a Better World

One of my favorite traditions around Shavuot is the reading of the Book of Ruth. To me, it always jumps ...

Rabbis Without Borders

Why Jewish Time Still Matters In The Age Of Covid-19

Today marks the end of the most prolific counting of days in the Jewish calendar. S’firat ha’Omer, the Counting of ...

The Scroll of Boaz

Over two and a half millennia ago, the People of Israel already harbored a deep enmity towards the People of ...

Matcha Cheesecake for Shavuot? Yes, Please

One sliver lining of quarantine has been spending quality time with my Japanese father and Israeli mother.

Learning to See My Jewish and Korean Identities as Complementary

I am constantly making mistakes, questioning my identity, and second-guessing myself, but I know that this work is a process.

Persian Singer Embraces Multiple Roles: Band Leader, Scholar, and Teacher

Mizrachi music is the soundtrack we need for this moment.

People of the (Independent) Book(stores)

One of my favorite parts of traveling the South are these literary gems

Checking in with Mothers of Multiracial Jewish Children

Four mothers share insights about raising children who navigate multiple identities, making the best of quarantine.

A Mother’s Day Chat with Raffi and Marion Freedman-Gurspan

Raffi and Marion Freedman-Gurspan talk parenting, how their politics and LGBTQ activism informed their family life, and more! 

Prophets in the Holy Land

Who is a prophet? A possible definition might be he or she who proclaims today the moral truths of tomorrow. ...

Young “Jewmaican” Musician Releases First EP

Elijah Gordon, aka Sølä, The Jewmaican, explores his Jewish-Jamaican identity on "OnTrack."

If I Would Have Known

As National Poetry Month ends, we are sharing a poem written by our Associate Director of Education and Training, Dubbs ...

Xenotheque 2020: Multilingual Poetry Festival Goes Virtual

Watch live on Be'chol Lashon's Facebook page on Friday, May 1 at 3:00 PM EST.