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Sukkot, Security, and Transgender Rights

This Sukkot help us spread the word that the sukkah and the state of Massachusetts should both be safe places ...

Southern & Jewish

Why I Look Forward to Fasting

Finding meaning on Yom Kippur is nourishing in its own way

Reading Torah in Korea With A Chopstick

Judaism takes on familiar and new forms on the Korean peninsula

Dear Anita Hill,

2018 is the year of the Women in politics.

Why Study Jewish History?

The reasons are absolutely academic - and profoundly personal

The Conversation we might need to have this Rosh Hashanah is with ourselves

It was a powerful evening in which several people took the opportunity while we sat around as loving witnesses.

Why Rosh Hashanah Comes Before Yom Kippur

It is often explained that on Rosh Hashanah, the birthday of creation, we celebrate God’s renewal of the world. The ...

What I Learned From Test-Driving A Tesla

I would much rather hop in a carpool or take public transportation than drive a car myself.

Don’t Run To Shame People

Running our mouth to shame someone on social media or elsewhere isn't just rude, it goes against Jewish teachings

The Kids Are Alright: Last Weekend’s Summertime Shabbaton

A Report Back from Keshet's LGBTQ & Ally Teen Shabbaton