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Southern & Jewish

Rediscovering “The Days of Yore”

How the pandemic gave me time to find my family’s stories

Southern & Jewish

New Year, Sacrifice… and Anime

Surprising connections about what sacrifice really means

Southern & Jewish

How My Quarantine Hobby Became Something More

I always wanted to learn to play guitar. I tried once or twice in the last decade to play, but ...

Experiencing How the Other Experiences Us

The two biggest difficulties have been recruiting Palestinian participants and finding an appropriate place to meet...

Southern Food, Jewish Stomach

I have lived in the South for well over a year now. In my time here, tourism has not been ...

Welcome Home

The local chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is preparing welcome baskets for Afghan families about to ...

Southern and Jewish Podcasts

My top 5 picks for auditory Southern & Jewish experiences

The Power of 50 Minutes

Finding meaning this High Holiday season

Healing Through Elul

Sometimes a break - or a sprain - can lead to a breakthrough

Back Pocket Blessings

Why and how to have a BPB ready to go

Learning to Love Books

Growing up, I hated books.Okay, so “hate” is a strong word. But as a kid, I was never fond of ...