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Southern & Jewish

Guarding the Garden

Some unexpected lessons from our Amir Garden Kit


Yom Kippur and Rebuilding

If this were a normal year, I would be preparing for one of the most powerful moments of prayer in ...

Southern & Jewish

Reverse Tashlich

Instead of casting things into water, let's draw our sins out of the water

Synagogue Life in COVID-19: Care, Conflict, and Teshuvah

A family friend of ours died this summer, from COVID-19 complications. I was the officiating rabbi at his burial. No ...

Eruvin 36

Scholars in residence.

The Many Traditions of Rosh Hashanah

Reflections from Keshet Staff About Celebrating the New Year


Tiferet: (Hebrew) adornment, the sixth sefirah in kabbalistic tree of life, often associated with balance, beauty and miracles. 

High Holidays for the Secular/Cultural/Spiritual but not Religious/ Jew-ish Jew

To say this year will be a different way to mark the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur ...

In the Diaspora of Their Churches

The Stand and See Fellowship is meant to be anything but virtual. Immersive, intensive, in-person learning, which engages Israel as ...

A Photo A Day of My Southern Jewish Journeys

There's more than one way to document our experiences

Bending Toward Light

The poem below is entitled Bending Toward Light. It is liturgical(ish); invoking the Barchu and Yotzer Or, as seen through ...

Choosing Judaism: Nonbinary Existence

I can say with absolute certainty that I was queer before I was Jewish. I was born to Jewish parents, ...

“Strange Ladinos” and Their Struggle for Acceptance as Americans and Jews

Despite facing racism themselves, Sephardic Jews were, and still are, not immune from perpetuating systems of racial oppression.

Living Here But in Another Country

During the weeks preceding Israeli Independence Day and for some time afterward, the Israeli flag is proudly displayed in front ...

Jewish Food and Jewish Guilt

My identity as a young Jewish feminist in the kitchen