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Rabbis Without Borders

What Solidarity Shabbat brought to my community

We are no longer strangers to each other – the Sikh community, the Hindu community, the Muslim community, the Christian community…


When Alyx Met Abby

When I talk about myself, as a trans Jewish woman, I am asked a lot about the challenges of being ...


Keshet Leadership Projects Takes the Midwest!

Last week we hosted two Leadership Projects-- one in Metro Detroit and one in the Twin Cities!

An Update From The Chicagoland Keshet Leadership Project

On November 8th, over 70 Chicagoland Jewish professionals came together for the kickoff summit of the yearlong Chicagoland Keshet Leadership ...

When the Mikvah Water Touches Your Black Hair

A conversion brings wholeness to body, mind and spirit.

May Stan Lee’s Memory Be A Blessing

With great power comes great responsibility... and other Jewish values

Tahara and Trans Identity

Tahara is sometimes done with little information except names– that of the meyt and those of our fellow team members. ...

Why This Nice Jewish Yankee Keeps Coming Back to the Bible Belt

A biblical scholar finds plenty of reasons to keep heading South

About Last Night’s Elections

All across America, LGBTQ people, women and minorities were elected to office-- and that is great news.

Voting is Magic

When I was younger, voting seemed magical. My parents would take me with them when they cast their ballots. We ...

Traumatized, Isaac Goes to Visit Hagar

Having, in many ways, healed past victimhood, North American Jews live in relative comfort, able to offer aid to less ...

Teaching After Tragedy

After an attack, how do we keep showing up?

After Pittsburgh, Why “They” Won’t Win

Mom draws on Black and Jewish heritage in face of daughter's fear

If you see something, do something!

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers...