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Rabbis Without Borders

Commodifying Faith

70 years ago, religion was America’s heart.  Church gave spiritual significance, social responsibility, and a sense of community to the average American, serving ...

Rabbis Without Borders

Torah Loves a Wise Donkey

Is the Tanakh anthropocentric? Well, sure! It’s mostly about people. It starts with creation, then narrows its focus to humanity, ...

Southern & Jewish


Saying something Jewish in 17 syllables

Breaking Bread, Building Bridges

Here in Israel-Palestine, religion is certainly one of the sources of conflict between us, and religious holidays often provide the ...

Contemplating My Mortality

I am contemplating my mortality. After five years of good health, I hear those dreaded words once again: breast cancer. ...

My First Apartment: Judaica is in the Details

The Jewish symbols are subtle but strong, if you know where to look.

The Ritual of Rituals

Even small habits can have big meaning

Mazel Tov: You Won a Medal!

We all need a little recognition.

Savory Hamantaschen: It Just Makes Sense, Y’all

(Reflections and a recipe for Pimento Cheese Hamentaschen)

This, Too, Is Torah: Finding “Torah” Everywhere

One of my absolute favorite Jewish expressions is found in one of the most outlandish stories in the Talmud (collection of commentaries ...

The Goodwill Shofar

An unexpected thrift store find

Open Roads Open Everything

Driving gives me time for podcasts and perspective

Rediscovering “The Days of Yore”

How the pandemic gave me time to find my family’s stories

New Year, Sacrifice… and Anime

Surprising connections about what sacrifice really means