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Rabbis Without Borders

Sharing Sorrow, Bringing Hope

Thousands of people had passed by before we managed to gather a minyan (quorum) of ten for the evening prayers. ...


An Indian Jew Falls in Love with Israel

Charting a path of connection and adventure

Southern & Jewish

Handwritten and Heartfelt

Sending those B'nai Mitzvah thank-you notes is a ritual we shouldn't lose

Judaism Was Destiny for This Guatemalan

In moving to the United States from Guatemala, I found my purpose and place in Jewish community

My Reconnection to Judaism

I was raised in Columbus, Ohio in a very white, Jewish suburb called Bexley. Even though I went to a ...

Teff Matzah: A Passover Experiment

A kosher-for-Passover alternative to injera...that we don't recommend.

Timbrels & Tribulations

Some holiday memories really stay with us...

#MeToo, #TimesUp, #NewNormal 

I received an email from a reporter who wanted to interview #MeToo Rabbis.  I replied, “We are all #MeToo Rabbis.” Well, at least ...

Passover Podcasts

Why is this audio story different from all other audio stories?

Preparing for Passover in Memphis: A Trip Down Memory Lane

My Memphis holiday memories remind me what matters most

5 LGBTQ Jewish Activists To Know

Jewish activists have an important part of countless activist movements– from the global LGBTQ rights movements and civil rights movements ...

To Bow, or Not to Bow?

That’s my question every time I visit the Roswell Community Masjid (RCM). Since as a young child I was taught ...

Passover and Palestinians

Palestinians are not slaves. But they are also not free.