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New Jew Enters New Year with a Slice of Apple Pie

Convert reflects on her eventful first year as a Jew and shares a family recipe.

Southern & Jewish

You’re Moving WHERE?!

What happens when a nice Jewish girl tells her family she's moving to Mississippi

Once A Fellow, Always A Fellow

Or, How I Spent My (Southern Jewish) Summer Vacation

Feeling at Home Among 900 Black Jews at an Ethiopian-Israeli Wedding

As I look around the room, for the first time in my life I feel like I belong to the Jewish people.

Sitting Down With Dubbs

A conversation about LGBTQ Inclusion, gender identity, bagels, and what comes next for our work in New York

Our Staff’s Favorite Resources

The Keshet resource library has SO MANY resources that it can be hard to know where to start! From information ...

Tell It Again

Sometimes we need to hear the same stories over and over

Step Up to the Mic!

I believe it’s not an uncommon experience to be at a lecture or gathering where someone steps in front of ...

Ve’al Kol Yoshvei Tevel – Including our world in Tisha B’Av

I normally begin my blog posts with a greeting, but it is forbidden to greet others on Tisha B’Av, so ...

“Michele’s Banana Pudding”

Or, how a dessert becomes a tradition

Reclamation: Connecting to the Past and Building a Future

As we move into the last Parshah in the book of Numbers, we see Zelophehad’s five daughters stand up for ...

The Friends We Made Along the Way: Jack Earle, the “Jewish Giant”

A fascinating figure looming large in Florida’s Jewish history