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How I Spent Shavuot In An Airport

...and what I learned from two days of delays


Growing the Next Generation of Jewish Leaders of Color

California summer camp empowers teens of color to be leaders

Rabbis Without Borders

Passage to Freedom

How futile is speech against a cruel government that has confined human beings in unsanitary, overcrowded prisons, in less humane conditions than abandoned pets in animal shelters?

Taking My “Suitcase” Throughout the South

A performer reflects on his time in Southern Jewish communities

A Mexican-Jewish Fairytale Love Story

For this Latino-Jewish couple, being together has always been the obvious path

A Southern Jewish Country Singer Thanks Soldiers Through Song

Why praying with our troops is so moving for this musician

Pride for Those Who Can’t March

It’s June, which means the end of school, the start of warm weather, summer, and Pride month! Pride Month is ...

Palestinians Must Find the Courage to Wield Their Secret Weapon

"The atmosphere in the Palestinian street here in the West Bank is too hot, he said. We can’t go on a trip together; I am afraid of what they might do to me were anyone to catch sight of us in public."

My Mexican Pseudo-Shiva

Since my mom had a history of outliving her prognoses I assumed that this would be the case once again.

A Letter to My Younger Self Series: Hannah

Part 7 of a longer series of posts in which members of the Keshet community write letters to their younger selves. Today’s letter is written by Keshet’s Development and Communications Intern, Hannah Sherffius

Hineni, Here I am…

“Accompaniment Urgently Needed for Asylum Court Case.” Volunteers are needed on June 6th.

Chesed Challenge: 40 Days of Mindful Kindness

Focusing on kindness in a Southern Jewish setting

The Conversation I Regret

To know they are valued, welcomed and loved

Who my body belongs to; The deep undercurrents of Choice 

I believe in a woman’s right to choose for herself what happens to her body.    When it comes to physical intimacy this ...

Reclaiming My Russian-Chinese Heritage

An American Jew examines the meaning of her family's Russian-Chinese story