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Southern & Jewish

The PI Project Continues: Hiking Edition

A continuing series of posts from Paige and Isaac, two young Jewish roommates down South

Rabbis Without Borders

The Pope, the King, and the Jews

Religion has Begun to Accomplish What Politics Alone Cannot

A Coming Out Day and Simchat Torah Letter to a Younger Me

National Coming Out Day was established on October 11, 1988, as a commemoration of the Second National March on Washington ...

An Attack on Our Dignity

I am deeply troubled that Justices Thomas and Alito took steps to dismantle marriage equality on their first day back ...

A Modern Twist on Ushpizin (Welcoming Guests)

I love the holiday of Sukkot. I have fond memories of building a sukkah with my family and using cornstalks ...

Connecting During COVID

The 3 ½ weeks leading up to Rosh Hashanah are lost in a haze of last-minute purchases: a new modem, ...

Notorious Jewish Grandmothers

RBG was legendary, and also familiar

Guarding the Garden

Some unexpected lessons from our Amir Garden Kit

Yom Kippur and Rebuilding

If this were a normal year, I would be preparing for one of the most powerful moments of prayer in ...

Reverse Tashlich

Instead of casting things into water, let's draw our sins out of the water

Synagogue Life in COVID-19: Care, Conflict, and Teshuvah

A family friend of ours died this summer, from COVID-19 complications. I was the officiating rabbi at his burial. No ...

Eruvin 36

Scholars in residence.

The Many Traditions of Rosh Hashanah

Reflections from Keshet Staff About Celebrating the New Year


Tiferet: (Hebrew) adornment, the sixth sefirah in kabbalistic tree of life, often associated with balance, beauty and miracles.