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My top 5 picks for auditory Southern & Jewish experiences

Southern & Jewish

The Power of 50 Minutes

Finding meaning this High Holiday season

Healing Through Elul

Sometimes a break - or a sprain - can lead to a breakthrough

Back Pocket Blessings

Why and how to have a BPB ready to go

Learning to Love Books

Growing up, I hated books.Okay, so “hate” is a strong word. But as a kid, I was never fond of ...

A Real-Life Cliché

Southern, Jewish, and grateful

Six Unsettling Truths Laid Bare by the Present Violence

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views ...

Speaking Up for Trans Youth

The new spate of anti-trans legislation restricting access to medical care and curtailing the ability to play gender-appropriate sports is devastating not only for trans folks but also for all Jews, as it strikes a blow at a core Jewish value: Do not cause distress by referring to a person’s past identity.

Justice Is…

To say that justice had been served in Derek Chauvin’s trial is, in my mind, reduces justice to a single action, as opposed to an adjective, an innate characteristic our society as a whole should be striving for.

What do you do when a prayer… sort of stinks?

As someone who struggles with chronic illness, this prayer has proven extra difficult for me, as it seems to imply that a body that works differently might not be fit to pray before God.

Mourning Responsibly and Transformatively

Today is Memorial Day in Israel. The country is mourning for those who fell in the struggle against our enemies.How ...