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The Temptation of the Master’s Tools

Who will you choose to be? Are you paying attention? How many times have you been called to action? What ...

Southern & Jewish

Mississippi is My Valentine

In honor of Valentine's Day, a love letter to the state I call home

Southern & Jewish

What’s Southern and Jewish About Adventure Time?

Remembering Polly Lou Livingston, the iconic voice of Tree Trunks

A Rabbi Wearing a Female Meatsuit

The body we are born in is just a meat suit...

Jewish Wisdom from Jewish Educators

Judaism has a lot to tell us about how to live a meaningful life—here's some Jewish wisdom that inspires us.

The World is Both Big and Small

Lessons in community from the pandemic year

Fostering Belonging and Dignity

Building LGBTQ-affirming community.

I’ll Be Home for Hanukkah

A strange holiday season leads to new traditions

To Everything There is a Season

Reflections from a southern Jew on New Year's Eve

A Blind Date with Literature

Or, what happens when you can't judge a book by its cover.

Forgiveness is Earned

She came into our lives like a freight train. Barreling through and doing as much destruction to our family as ...

Trees, Dreams, and the Morning After

While 2020 continues 2020-ing all around us, one practice I’ve found extremely comforting is SVARA’S daily drop-in mishnah collective. I’ve ...

Hanukkah Advocacy Starts at Home

Rachel's mom inspired her passion for Jewish education—and she's keeping the tradition alive.

Can a Rabbi Pastor Pastors?

The Rev. Dr. Paul Sorrentino, the former Director of Religious Life at Amherst College continues to shape my career as ...

A Former Seminarian in Seminary, Mississippi

As a Mississippi transplant, Rabbi Matt Dreffin loves sharing his Jewish story—even when it's sometimes misunderstood.