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Rabbis Without Borders

When I Light Shabbat Candles

Some Friday nights I light candles at 9 pm. No, I don’t live in Alaska or Scandinavia. I’m talking about ...

Southern & Jewish

Southern & Western & Complicated

Sometimes even writers we admire miss the mark on the places we know


Sitting Down with the Shabbaton Co-chairs

Keshet Shabbatonim might feel like magic, but they actually take a lot of planning. And much of that planning is ...

What Shahs of Sunset Can Teach Us About Judaism

Picture Reza, a Persian Jew, standing with a dead goldfish reciting Kiddush, the blessing over the wine. What does Kiddush ...

From Germany to Gabon: The Poetry of Jewish Experience

Jews from around the world participate in unique community event

Brisketless in Blacksburg

On keeping kosher in the small-town South

What Made Us Proud in 2018

Over the last 365 days, Keshet has held 5 Shabbatonim– including 2 in areas of the country where we have ...

Mission at the Mexico-US Border

Human beings have devised many rules of three. Perhaps we are physically programmed to create these rules because our bodily ...

Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism? Not Necessarily!

What if a Palestinian state is absolutely out of the question?

Recreating the Rabbinate

In recent weeks, I was struck by a couple of conversations that got me thinking about what we do as ...

When Life Changes Your Plans

A memoir of an American Jewish Indian adoptee

Latino, Hispanic or Sephardic?

A Sephardi Jew explains some commonly confused terms

Gay Jewish Romance

An Interview with E. M. Ben Shaul, Author of 'Flying Without a Net'

When Veterans Die – Do the Words Still Have the Same Meaning?

Over the past month, there has been much conversation about veterans: the observance of our annual Veterans Day, the lack ...