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Southern & Jewish

On A Dark Desert Highway, Ten Plagues Still In My Hair…

Or, a mash-up of Exodus and the longest Eagles song in the world

Rabbis Without Borders

Raw Trauma

The realization suddenly dawned on me at perhaps the most inappropriate of times. I was at the mourning gathering for ...

Controversial Then, A Civil Rights Hero Now

Rabbi Perry Nussbaum, Civil Rights, And Jackson's Jewish Community

A Polish Guatemalan Grandmother’s Hidden Legacy

For this photographer, "Judaism is a fundamental filter for my understanding of the complexities of being alive"

What Jews Can Learn From Mormons

Looking to the joint humanitarian causes

What do Guns have to do with Passover? I’ll Tell You.

We have an average of 13,000 gun homicides a year in the United States.

A Jew’s Guide to Dyeing Easter Eggs

This past weekend, I took a "dip" into a colorful seasonal art project.

Another Four Questions

Will Passover away from my family still feel the same?

Reconciliation takes many forms.

It hurts to be seen so negatively by others. To be a target of angry and bitter words.

Everyone Wants to be Sephardic at Passover

New song takes a lighthearted approach to Passover foods and customs

An Ancient Story and a Modern Struggle

Passover and Massachusetts' Anti-Trans Ballot Initative