Jewish& is a blog by Be’chol Lashon, which gives voice to the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of Jewish identity and experience. The original multicultural people, Jews have lived around the world for millennia. Today, with globalism and inclusion so key in making choices about engaging in Jewish life,Jewish& provides a forum for personal reflection, discussion, and debate.

Longtime Virtual Rabbi Offers Advice on “Doing Jewish” Online

The virtualization of the Jewish world due to the coronavirus pandemic will fundamentally alter the nature of Jewish engagement.

Ten Famous Americans with Greek or Turkish Jewish Heritage

These actors, designers, musicians, business leaders, and even a former member of Congress have all played a role in the American Jewish narrative.

First Persian Female Rabbi Finds Her Voice

Rabbi Tarlan Rabizadeh, a Jewish Emergent Network rabbinic fellow at The Kitchen in San Francisco, identifies with Queen Esther.

From Chinese or Jewish to Chinese AND Jewish

Camp Be'chol Lashon counselor learns to embrace her dual identity.

Judaism: The Next Chapters

Building on a multicultural past to imagine the Jewish future.

Healing Myself and Others Through My Artwork

Black and Jewish artist creates empowering depictions of marginalized people.

Indian Jews Encourage Global Participation in Unique Tu Bishvat Ritual

"Malida" ceremony involves prayer and offerings of fruit and nuts.

75 years After Auschwitz, Greek Survivor Continues to Inspire

Reflecting on the liberation of Auschwitz, a young Greek Jew takes up the torch of memory.

Finding Encouragement in MLK’s Words—And America’s Changing Demographics

My mixed-race daughter will be part of the nonwhite majority of American youth, which is cause for both celebration and fear.

Colombia-Raised Entrepreneur Brings Latin American Judaica to Etsy

Co-founder of Ikku craft store empowers Colombian and Guatemalan artisans who have been victims of violence.