Southern & Jewish

Grocery Stories

Descended from Jewish grocers, groceries have shaped my Jewish life

Baseball, Dads, and Judaism

Happy Father's Day to all the great father figures out there. And play ball!

Visiting Vicksburg: Reflections from a Rabbi/Army Chaplain

Newly ordained. Longtime military. Feeling these responsibilities deeply.

A Blessing for Summer

What's more Southern & Jewish than that?

After Two Years As Southern Jewish Fellows, Where Are They Going?

The 2016-2018 ISJL Fellows' Next Journeys Will Them Across the World... And Across the Hall

This Jewish Educator Keeps Waking Up In Different Southern Cities

Whether for work or on vacation, he's exploring the South... and loving it

Mark Twain, A Biblical Drama, And a Southern Synagogue

A special production recently took place in Natchez, Mississippi

America’s Earliest Jewish Congregations Included Plenty of Southern Sites

A new book explores the architectural wonders of America's beautiful and varied "pioneer" synagogues

Immersing Myself In Something New

A Meaningful Master's Degree Deserves A Meaningful Moment...

Celebrating Partial-Completion

How Lag Ba'Omer Reminds Us To Celebrate Each Step In Our Journey