We’ve Been Here Before

Trans Rights in Massachusetts Recalls Prop 8 in California

Ode to Spontaneous Selves

  It was Fall the first time I asked my mom if I looked handsome, about halfway through my process ...

Report Back: How It Went Down at Keshet’s Defending Transgender Equality Town Hall

An energized crowd of over 150 people, from 40 organizations, turned up for Keshet’s Defending Transgender Equality Jewish Community Town ...

The Torah of Action

And Why You Should Join Me on Monday at the Keshet Town Hall in Newton, MA

An Ancient Story and a Modern Struggle

Passover and Massachusetts' Anti-Trans Ballot Initiative

What the Four Children Can Teach us about Gender Fluidity

What the Four Children Can Teach us about Gender Fluidity By Rabbi Jesse M. Olitzky Q: We are taught to ...

Purim: Inside Out

Purim is about concealment. More specifically, it is about movement from the covert to the overt. There is a sustained ...

Queer Jews of Color: We Belong

Too often I have felt alone: my people absent from Hebrew school lessons, traditions and communal practice.

Pure Bliss

Keshet's LGBTQ and Ally Teen Shabbaton community changes a moment of fear into an unforgettable experience for Keshet's Education and Training Manager, National.

What Happens at Keshet’s Growing LGBTQ and Ally Teen Shabbaton

Creating a space that is radically inclusive, empathic and empowering for those of us who often feel marginalized in our communities.