Susan Barocas

Susan Barocas is a writer, cook, speaker and teacher of cooking to all ages. She proudly introduced several Sephardic dishes when serving as guest chef for three Seders at the Obama White House. She served as founding director of the Jewish Food Experience and co-chaired the 2018 Hazon Food Conference. Susan is at work on her first cookbook.

Articles by Susan Barocas

Sephardic Leeks with Tomato Recipe

This traditional Sephardi dish is perfect to prepare ahead of time.

Sephardic Matzah Spinach Pie Recipe

This classic dish of matzah stuffed with spinach and cheese is perfect all year long.

Sephardic Pumpkin Donuts Recipe (Bimuelos de Kalavasa)

These classic, sweet fritters are easier to make than sufganiyot!

Sephardi Leek Patties for Hanukkah

A traditional fried treat with a fascinating history.

Why Cold Soups Are Actually Really Jewish

Beyond borscht, Jews all over the world have a tradition of seasonal chilled soups for summer.

The Jewish History of Cheesecake

Jews have been pioneers of cheesecake from the very beginning.

The Most Beloved Sephardi Passover Dishes from My Childhood

Slow cooked eggs and sponge cake are filled with Passover memories.