Joan Nathan

Joan Nathan is the author of several cookbooks, contributes articles on international ethnic food and special holiday features to <i>The New York Times, Food Arts, Gourmet,</i> and the <i>B'nai B'rith International Jewish Monthly.</i> Visit her website <a href="">here</a>.

Articles by Joan Nathan

Joan Nathan’s Raspberry-Walnut Rugelach

Overflowing with raspberry preserves and toasted walnuts.


All about Israel's signature food and how to make it.


Cream cheese cookies

The Sweet Story of Israeli Desserts

Desserts are part of the ever-developing Israeli cuisine, and like everything else in Israel, desserts too have their story.


A very dairy treat.

The Evolution of Israeli Cuisine

Increasingly trendy worldwide, Israeli food mixes the flavors of the Middle East and the Jewish Diaspora.


A recipe for one of the most popular egg dishes in Israel

Israeli Hummus Recipe

You've seen it in the stores. Now you can make it at home.

Eretz Yisrael Cake with Orange, Dates, and Marzipan

This cake uses ingredients commonly found-and associated with-the Land of Israel.

Meat Kreplach

A recipe for traditional meat dumplings.