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The Unicorn Hamantaschen Recipe of Your Dreams

February 27, 2017 10:28 am
It’s almost time for Purim, a time of year when we drink and celebrate in all kinds of fun and crazy ways: by dressing up, showering friends…

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Friendship Equals Inclusion

February is Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month. Join us as we share stories that highlight the impact of inclusion in our camp communities. Lily is a…

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A Global Purim Menu and Identity Discussion Guide

February 23, 2017 9:00 am
Purim is all about the hiding. Esther hid her identity from King Ahashverosh. Haman hid his evil side from the King. And as our tradition teaches, the…

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The Tachlis of Inclusion: Temple Israel Center in White Plains, New York

February 16, 2017 1:22 pm
Creating inclusive Jewish spaces is a great goal — but how do you do it? While the answer is likely different for every synagogue, school, and youth…

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Study: If You Make Your Kids Do Chores, They’ll Be Successful Adults

February 27, 2017 9:27 pm
Nagging your kids to do chores actually has a scientific benefit, it’s been confirmed. This means getting your kids to clean up their room and (gasp) do…

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New York City + Social Justice + Jewish Journeys = One Inspiring Summer (Sponsored)

February 9, 2015 12:13 pm
Calling all Jewish high school students! Searching for an exciting and challenging way to spend the summer? You’ll definitely want to check out Justcity Leadership Institute, an innovative Jewish program for…

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The Value of Truth in Social Media

February 27, 2017 9:00 am
There is a story in Jewish tradition about a man who insults another man without realizing that the man is a prominent rabbi. When he does realize…

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“Solidarity is a Verb, Not a Noun”: On Muslim Fundraising for the St. Louis Jewish Cemetery

This past weekend, hundreds of graves at the Shel Emeth Jewish cemetery in St. Louis were vandalized. No sooner was this terrible act publicized, than two Muslim…

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As an Orthodox Rabbi’s Wife, I was Grateful for Planned Parenthood

January 10, 2017 10:05 am
Infertility is defined as the failure or inability to become pregnant for a minimum of 12 months. What medical books will not tell you, is that those…