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Rabbis Without Borders

Balancing So Many Calendars

How to find the time to spend with those we truly care about.

Rabbis Without Borders

No Regrets

I find it difficult to reconcile my adult regrets about the misspent summers of my youth.

Collateral Damage When We Can’t Talk About Israel

He said, “I’m not—I mean, I support Israel’s right to exist and everything, it’s just—it brings up so much stuff.”

Modern-Day Moses: The Heroes Who Saved Ethiopian Jews

The heroes who endured torture and risked their lives to save Ethiopian Jews.

Why We Need to Change the Yom Hashoah Narrative

Up until relatively recently, Yom Hashoah was a day of atrocity and victimization at the hands of history.

LGBTQ Resources for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Resources for incorporating an LGBTQ focus into your Yom HaShoah observance.

Everyday Priestesses

Is Women's Spirituality Unique?

Picture This: From “Shalom Y’all” to “New Beginnings”

Jewish photographer Bill Aron shares stories through stills

Memories of Birthday Past Inspire Giving to Others

How one Barbie led to a lifetime commitment to birthday celebrations.

Counting for a Heart of Wisdom

Passover, Shavuot and counting the Omer of change.

Life After Redemption: Why Counting the Omer Is A Quintessential Jewish Experience

I also think this is but one of many different ways we can dedicate ourselves to deriving spiritual nourishment from these 49 days.

Looking at Life Through New Lenses

How the Passover story teaches us perspective

My Big Passover Finish

This year I’ve decided to try something different.

The Healing Sound of Silence

A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another.