Parashat Bereshit

The Stewardship Paradigm

Humanity's dominion over the earth must be for the sake of the Divine.

New Beginnings

How to complete the work of creation.

The Two Creation Stories

An attempt to reconcile two opposing views of nature.

The Power Of A Name: The Power Of Naming

Adam's naming of the animals raises complex issues, including the deeper meanings of our names.

Parashat Bereshit: Summary

A summary of the first portion of the Torah.

The Complexity Of Creation

Recognizing that Creation and many natural phenomena are clouded in mystery can actually enrich our lives with meaning.

Naming Noah

Noah's father saw in him the possibility for greatness -- something parents experience even today.

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

How do we, like Adam and Eve, hide from taking responsibility for our decisions and actions?

For Every Thing, A Purpose

We should view the diversity of creation as existing to reflect the grandeur of God, not to serve the various needs of humans.

Completing Creation

Our physical existence depends on spiritual, sacred focus for completeness.