Rabbi Shai Held

Rabbi Shai Held is Co-Founder and Dean of Hadar (www.hadar.org).

Articles by Rabbi Shai Held

The Redemption to Come

On Passover we express gratitude for the redemption we have and hope for the one still to come.

Acting with Heart

Contrary to what many of us have been taught, Judaism cares about more than deeds.

Blueprint For the Anti-Egypt Society

Having set the Israelites free from slavery, God charges them with building a society that affirms precisely what Egypt denies.

From a Rabbi, An Open Letter to People Who Are LGBTQ

It is now four days since the heinous attack in Orlando. In the world of cable news, an eternity has ...

The Evil Within

The Torah commands us to remember the Amalekites.

Circumcision is a Difficult Rite

Circumcision, with all its pain, reminds us of our partnership with God and the pain of fixing a broken world.