Rituals of Return

My return to sacred space.


The Gifts of Darkness 

When we look at the dark future like God wrestlers, then even in the darkest moments, we can maintain a clear and piercing vision.


War and Remembrance

The Torah commands us to remember the evil of Amalek — but also to forget.

Drop Everything and Read

The hidden connection between Shabbat and reading.

Struggling With Our Shadow 

At this moment of intensifying violence, the Torah offers an insight into how we might open a path towards peace.

The Redemption to Come

On Passover we express gratitude for the redemption we have and hope for the one still to come.

Ten Commandments for Today

What are the most important rules for living justly and peacefully today?

Tending the Fire

Fire is a symbol of persistence and faith, but the embers must be tended.

Emulating Our Multicultural Ancestors

While Jacob blesses all of his grandchildren at the end of his life, he singles out two in particular as worthy of emulation.

Holy Cows

Like our ancestors before us, we are called to let go of our sacred cows.

Responding to Hatred, On Purim and Today

Haman’s persecution awakened in the Jews a spark of defiance, a motivation not to hide their Judaism, but to celebrate it.

Celebrating Spring

Jewish tradition is replete with legends both uplifting and ominous about the vernal equinox.

What’s Truly Precious

The Israelite women who contributed to the tabernacle recognized the deeper gift God had given in the lengthy, exacting instructions for its construction.

The Purim Spirit of Medieval Frankfurt

The choice to create a second Purim speaks volumes about how our people value resilience.

Between Nationalism and Ethics

National pride and unity are important, but it is ethical behavior that makes a people worthy of divine favor.