My Darfur Tallit

A prayer shawl purchased in an African refugee camp is a reminder of those at the fringes that compel our moral responsibility.


Going for the Gold

The metal that never tarnishes is a symbol of spiritual constancy.


Thoughts on Prayers

In the face of tragedy, is there a place for thoughts and prayers?

The Redemption to Come

On Passover we express gratitude for the redemption we have and hope for the one still to come.

Ten Commandments for Today

What are the most important rules for living justly and peacefully today?

Tending the Fire

Fire is a symbol of persistence and faith, but the embers must be tended.

Emulating Our Multicultural Ancestors

While Jacob blesses all of his grandchildren at the end of his life, he singles out two in particular as worthy of emulation.

We Will Hear and We Will Do

Is it better to act out of volition or obligation?

Wrestling With the Rough Stuff

Leaning into the hard parts of Jewish tradition.

The Magic Eye

Most of us spend our lives searching for God's presence in the world, hoping to catch a glimpse.

Moments of Oasis

Where can we today find respite as the ancient Hebrew did at the springs of Elim?

Too Busy for Redemption

Ironically, the festival of freedom is the holiday that requires the most preparation.

Disrupting Jewish Life

The Passover seder should be an act of disruption that transforms us.

Remembering and Forgetting

Remembering is a central tenet of Judaism. So is forgetting.

Opposites Distract

The inversion of expectations, so central to the Purim story, can be both thrilling and confining.