By the Grace of God

With animal sacrifices a thing of the past, how do modern Jews achieve atonement?


The Monster at the End of the Mahzor

Teshuvah is not a confrontation with some frightening otherness, but with ourselves.


The Journey Home

For Jews, home is elusive. And that might be precisely the point. 

Drop Everything and Read

The hidden connection between Shabbat and reading.

The Redemption to Come

On Passover we express gratitude for the redemption we have and hope for the one still to come.

Ten Commandments for Today

What are the most important rules for living justly and peacefully today?

Tending the Fire

Fire is a symbol of persistence and faith, but the embers must be tended.

Emulating Our Multicultural Ancestors

While Jacob blesses all of his grandchildren at the end of his life, he singles out two in particular as worthy of emulation.

Everything About Yom Kippur Is An Invention

While the synagogue observance of Yom Kippur may seem like a stable, solid, trans-historical whole, it is none of those things.

Seeking the Face of God

When we learn to see the face of God in every being, it becomes impossible to act with anything other than compassion and justice.

That You May Thrive

Judaism provides a model of human flourishing in which we never cut ourselves off from the full range of our emotions.

Baseless Love

Extending love and comfort begins with a change in how we think and act.

The Basic Elemental

Wisdom can be born from connection to the the vast interconnected wildness in the world.

Moving Through Fear

The Jewish value of courage doesn't require the absence of fear, only the capacity to move through it.

Taking the Long Way

When life throws up obstacles on our journey, it's tempting to want to turn around.