Blessings in Hard Times

Jewish tradition suggests that discovering blessing is always possible — even in hard moments.


The Anti Auto-Correct Religion

In an era of predictive ideology, Judaism maintains that humans are endowed with free will.


The Redemptive Strangeness of Yom Kippur

For the ancient Israelites, the Yom Kippur rituals signified a world in which God brought moral order out of chaos.

The Seven Year Switch

Shmita, the Jewish sabbatical year, teaches that what we consider normal is just a construct -- and invites us to imagine alternatives.

Love and Change

The Hebrew month of Elul teaches us that love, like change, requires risk.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The different between the Jewish and Western notions of happiness is captured by psychologist Abraham Maslow's notions of self-actualization and self-transcendence.

Harbor and Homecoming: Reflections on Marriage

Remember how people — old people in particular — used to say that marriage was one of the hardest things ...