Danielle Feinberg

Danielle Feinberg grew up in Southern California but has often been mistaken for a "true New Yorker." She has a BA, an MA, and Grande Diploma of Pastry Arts -- none of which has anything to do with her current regular employment. She puts salt on her cookies before baking, and could probably eat pizza seven days a week. Danielle lives in NYC with her husband, two sons, and dog.

Articles by Danielle Feinberg

What Is Gefilte Fish?

What’s the perpetual conflicting source of both gastronomic horror and Jewish nostalgic affection? Gefilte fish, of course! Gefilte fish is ...

What Are Hamantaschen?

The triangular pastries associated with the holiday of Purim.

What is Kugel?

You know that old bumper sticker, “My bubbie’s kugel can beat up your bubbie’s kugel”? (The one in the minivan of my mind?) ...

What is a Latke?

Pronounced either lot-key or lot-kuh, the origin of the word is Yiddish and means something along the lines of "little oily thing."

Noshing Through LatkeFest

In honor of Hanukkah beginning earlier this week, and an all-around appreciation for starch and fried things, Manhattan-based event planning company ...

What the EZ Squirt Ketchup Flop Says About Coloring Our Foods

Recently a friend informed me, via Slate.com, that the éclair “has surpassed the macaron as the most buzzed about Parisian ...

The Best Mini Kitchen Tools

Even though I live in what most non-New Yorkers would describe as a tiny city apartment (600 sq. ft.), I ...