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Tzedakah 101

Tzedakah is not just about charitable contributes, but about justice and righteousness.


Tzedakah Quiz

Tzedakah, or righteousness, is often interpreted as charity, because Judaism views giving as the ultimate act of righteousness.


How to Choose a Mitzvah Project for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Suggestions for adding social action to this rite of passage.

The Gemach

A Jewish institution that takes the shame out of sharing.

Ask the Expert: Medical Research as Tzedakah

Does giving money for research count as charity?

Tzedakah Box

Collecting money for charity

Modern Tzedakah

A group of Jewish women from Seattle began Hebrew free loan societies.

Teaching Tzedakah to Children

Using your common cents.

Jewish Social Welfare Organizations

Resources for alleviating poverty.

The Activism of Abraham

The lives of Abraham and Job provide us with two models for confronting poverty.

Judaism and the Homeless

Jewish law demands that everyone have adequate and permanent housing.

Pe’ah: The Corners of Our Fields

Rabbinic commentators interpreted the law of leaving the corners of one's field for those in need in light of their own concerns about the poor.

Applying Rabbinic Law on Tzedakah Priorities

The rabbinic sages taught that humans should emulate God by meeting the particular needs of people in trouble. But how should one go about that today?

Preventing Dependency

"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." How many fish do we buy, and how many nets?

Tzedakah in the Jewish Tradition

The Rabbis regulated the giving and receiving of tzedakah even while recognizing that how one gives may be as important as how much one gives.