Grilled Kofta with Eggplant and Tomatoes

“Ladies can grill too!” is what I thought while watching the men tend to the grill at one of my favorite Middle Eastern eateries recently.  But after years of owning a charcoal grill and by default, having the husband maintain it, I figured it was about time this lady learned to worked some magic over the coals.

Posted on August 27, 2015

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VIDEO: How to Braid Challah with Help from Breads Bakery

Challah is one of the most iconic Jewish dishes. Recognizable by its fluffy braids and sweet, delicious taste, it is much beloved by Jews and non-Jews alike. During the Jewish High Holidays, it is traditional to make challah into a round shape, as a reminder of the never-ending cycle of life.

Posted on August 25, 2015

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Sephardic Jeweled Rosh Hashanah Rice

We grew up in Barcelona, Spain. Not exactly your typical Jewish upbringing, and while we loved the beautiful city, it could be difficult and isolating during the Jewish holidays. Nevertheless, we managed to form a tight-knit group each year with our aunt, uncle and cousins who enjoyed the festive Syrian-Lebanese style food our talented mother prepared for us.

Posted on August 17, 2015

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One Pan Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots

Simple roasted chicken is one of those dishes everyone wants to make perfectly, including me. And while I think I’ve done a pretty decent job in the past with my citrus and herb roasted chicken, I wanted to make it better, with a moist, flavorful inside, crispy outside and maybe even a side dish all wrapped into one pan. I wanted it all.

Posted on August 5, 2015

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