Moroccan Baked Salmon

When both my sisters’ married Sephardim the same year, my Brother- in- Laws did not take kindly to gefilte fish, to say the least. To keep the family peace, my mom started making salmon as an appetizer and we all lived happily ever after! Ok, maybe not everything is that simple but my recipe for moroccan salmon definitely is!

Posted on March 27, 2015

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FREE STUFF: Breaking Matzo Aprons

Just in time for Passover a new online resource has launched called Breaking Matzo, aiming to make the holiday magical, memorable and meaningful with a host of delicious and fun ideas. Founded by Boston venture capitalist Andy Goldfarb, Breaking Matzo seeks to combine food, fun and philosophy into a user-friendly platform, inviting users to share their own Passover stories and experiences. And for us at The Nosher, the food is always most important: Breaking Matzo has all the traditional recipes you will need to make a wonderful seder, and a few modern updates too like charoset chicken salad and “lucky” matzah balls stuffed with gribenes.

Posted on March 24, 2015

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