Holiness Cannot Be Mass Produced

The artisan is as important as the ingredients used.

Why is Moses Kept Out of the Tabernacle?

How the deepest intimacy can be both binding and freeing.

Understanding Biblical Sacrifice (Korbanot)

What sacrifice is, where it comes from, and what it can mean for us today.

The Deepest Response of Love

Why Aaron was silent in the wake of his sons' death.

The Nature of the Cosmos

Why should we care so much about the details of the Tabernacle?

Parashat Pekudei Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

God Is In The Details

The Torah teaches us to think globally and act locally.

What Are Cherubim?

The cherub is a type of angel that is a staple of the Bible and later Jewish literature, but probably didn’t originally look like a rosy-cheeked, bare-bottomed baby with wings.

King Solomon

Son of King David, builder of the Temple, author of three biblical works and the wisest of men, Solomon looms large in Jewish tradition — and beyond.

The Nazirite–A Sacred Volunteer

The nazirite exemplifies actively choosing a sacred status with a higher level of responsibility.