Interpretation of Jewish Texts

Midrash Rabbah

Rabbinic interpretations and discussions of the Bible.

Sifra and Sifre

Legal midrash on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Kiss of Death

Midrash explains how Moses could be happy with dying.

Let My People Go

Exploring Moses and Aaron's confrontation with Pharaoh

Is There Still Midrash Today?

Finding midrash in current events, your local synagogue and your movie theater.

Midrash Tanhuma

A compilation of aggadic (narrative) and halachic (legal) midrash

Stories of Our Ancestors

The midrash rounds out the biblical figures Abraham and Sarah

Methods of Midrash

How this genre gleans deep meaning from the Torah's text

The Mekhilta

Halakhic Midrash on Exodus.

Midrash Halacha

Biblical interpretations that focus on Jewish law and practices.