Converting to Judaism: How to Get Started

How to find an introductory Judaism class.

Ask the Expert: Become a Jew With a Tattoo

How do past actions influence a conversion?

America’s First Consul to Jerusalem

Warder Cresson's journey to Jerusalem, and to Judaism, took a convoluted path.

Conversion to Judaism

Judaism and Conversion. Converting to Judaism. Jewish Lifecycle.

History of Conversion

Judaism's openness to newcomers has varied, depending on how strong and self-confident Jews have felt.

Understanding One’s Motivation to Convert to Judaism

Conversion requires such a big life change that the motivations must be genuine and psychologically well grounded.

About Conversion to Judaism

Traditionally Judaism has been concerned about a Jew by choice's motives.

What Motivates People to Become Jewish?

Motivations often change over time as converts learn and live as Jews.

Contemporary Issues in Conversion

A topical over view of contemporary issues in conversion.

How To Decide If You Should Convert to Judaism

Becoming Jewish requires careful consideration and extensive self-examination.