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The Goodwill Shofar

An unexpected thrift store find

May Stan Lee’s Memory Be A Blessing

With great power comes great responsibility... and other Jewish values

Collateral Damage When We Can’t Talk About Israel

He said, “I’m not—I mean, I support Israel’s right to exist and everything, it’s just—it brings up so much stuff.”

Sephardic Songs Add Merriment to Purim

And what is a drinking party without drinking songs? As in other Jewish communities, drinking alcohol was part of the ...

Lift Up the Voices of the Unheard

“Lift up voices and let freedom from oppression ring! Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado! Let freedom ...

How A Jew Buys Cowboy Boots in Texas

Last week while I was visiting my hometown of Austin, Texas, I was moved to get a new pair of ...

What is the Story?

The Mothers is the first book I’ve written that does not primarily consist of Jewish characters. It’s a little weird that ...

An Intentional Detour

In my last few blogs, I wrote of my hope that The Promise of Israel can help foster a new ...