Chai Ceremony

A new Jewish ritual for sending young people off to college.

Manischewitz Cook-Off National Finals 2011

The Fifth Annual Man-O-Manischewitz National Cook Off just finished, and, man, I’m still buzzing. There was some serious high-octane, high-pressure, ...

Death and Special Issues of the Body

An overview of autopsy, organ donation, and cremation in Jewish tradition and practice.

Last Chance

Yom Kippur culminates the process of repentance begun before Rosh Hashanah.

The Music of Shlomo Carlebach

Though not necessarily written for worship, neo-Hasidic melodies quickly found their way into the synagogue.

Passover Recipes

Delicious dishes for you and your family for the seder and beyond.

Why This Rabbi Started the Year in a Small Texas Town

In the summer of 2013, I left a wonderful congregation in North Carolina to pursue an exciting opportunity on the ...

How to Find the Right Synagogue for You

What you need to consider as you go "shul shopping."